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    agiplan - Consulting for the industrial, trade and public sector

    agiplan GmbH is a consulting and planning company for business enterprises and the pub-lic sector. Our aim is to increase the efficiency of our clients and to sustainably boost their competitiveness. Therefore we optimize production and logistics processes, design layouts and plant structures and increase the added value of entire supply chains through intelligent networking. We solve complex tasks in the planning and construction of factories and lo-gistics centres as a general planner. Our motto "thought. done." stands for imaginative con-cepts and a steadfast project management with the absolute commitment to realisation.

    We are also involved in the public sector: we develop creative concepts in the field of re-gional and urban development and advise authorities and public institutions on energy effi-ciency and European structural policy. agiplan is a partner of politics, administration, local institutions and business development agencies in dealing with future topics such as digital-isation, urban logistics and production, mobility, energy system transformation and climate efficiency. We manage clusters and assist the regional development. Within the framework of structural support, we draw up programmes and strategies and develop intelligent moni-toring and control systems to monitor the achievement of objectives and their scheduled implementation.

    In the course of around 60 years, we have realised over 6,000 projects thanks to an inter-disciplinary team of plant planners, production experts, logistics experts, architects, geog-raphers and urban developers. Our clients are international - they range from medium-sized companies to global corporations, from municipal administration to government institu-tions.

    thought. done.


    Some facts


    Dr. Christian Jacobi

    Managing Partner agiplan GmbH

    "We listen and solve the challenges of our customers. More added value is our focus. Enthusiasm and competence are our basis. Passion for implementation is our drive."

    Alexander Goloverov

    Division Manager for Logistics & Digital Services

    "What really appeals to me at agiplan is the mix of activities from consulting, planning and project management. It is not only about setting up cost and time schedules and being the driving force in realization phases, but also a lot of creativity is required."

    Nomo Braun

    Division Manager for Public Management

    "agiplan combines in a unique way the know how about the concerns of the public sector with the know how from the industrial consulting. Thanks to our industrial projects, we know exactly what drives the (producing) medium-sized businesses and can convert this into effective concepts for business development and innovation transfer. This is what makes working for agiplan so exciting and this is the special aigplan DNA."

    Lothar Schneider

    Managing Director Prisma Consult Gruppe

    Steffen Koch

    Division Manager for Factory, Manufacturing and Industrial Architecture

    "The agiplan team is characterized by high motivation, professional and social skills and the fun in projects - this is what makes us successful for our customers".

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