Career & Vacancies

Career & Vacancies

We wish you much success at agiplan!

We offer professional challenges with the freedom to think and act independently. We welcome initiatives and ideas. Which is why our employees' personalities are a key factor in our close collaboration with our customers.

Working at agiplan

agiplan employs people from very different backgrounds such as mechanical engineering, mining, electrical engineering, chemistry, chemical engineering, mathematics, computer science, logistics, architecture, industrial design, business management, economics, political science, sociology, geography, and urban and regional planning.

In addition to top notch qualifications, our staff are distinguished by:

  • Social skills, because teamwork is paramount.
  • Creativity, to be able to find unusual solutions if necessary.
  • Commitment, because often things are different than expected.
  • Entrepreneurship, in order to be valued partner to our customers.

They work in flexible teams of consultants, planners and project managers in industrial consulting or for the public sector. They are supported by colleagues in HR, finance, service and administration.

Employee reports

agiplan stands for multifaceted career options and multidisciplinary teamwork. Our employees often work in flexible teams, for example, as consultants, planners and project managers. We have spoken with some of them about their career and their work at agiplan.

Gregor Eckerth

Dr. Gregor Eckerth, Head of Project Management

"At agiplan, project management means thinking and then doing. This requires creative thinking, combined with a structured approach."

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Steffen Koch

Steffen Koch, Head of Factory and Production Team

"I manage projects for a wide variety of customers. For me, the most important aspect of my work is to give free rein to my own ideas and to help shape future issues."

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Marco Brandl

Marco Brandl, Logistics Consultant

"I was a fully fledged member of the agiplan family from day one. I'm particularly interested in projects in the international market - after all, agiplan is very active in Eastern Europe and in China, in particular."

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