Interview with Marco Brandl

“I was a fully fledged member of the agiplan family from day one.”

At agiplan, we are always on the lookout for creative minds. The career of our employee Marco Brandl is a great example of successful entry into the professional world after graduating.

How did your agiplan journey begin?
I first came across agiplan at the LogistikRuhr Student Day in Dortmund. There, numerous representatives of universities, colleges and companies get together to provide information on career opportunities for students. As I was just about to graduate, I was of course very interested in the option of completing my thesis in a company.

You must have spoken to many exhibitors. Why did you end up choosing agiplan?
The decision was not difficult for me, and not just because my major field of study - intra-logistics and production logistics, was a perfect fit for the company. The personal contact with employees who told me about their everyday work made me want to tread new paths. I was also impressed by agiplan's long-standing history and more than 50 years of experience.

Would you write your thesis at agiplan again?
Yes, most definitely! I really wanted to write a thesis with a practical focus, and was given this opportunity here. My supervisor at agiplan was always approachable and took the time to go through problems or complex issues with me. I really enjoyed this in-depth support; especially, as I'd heard from fellow students who wrote their thesis at university that they hardly ever got to see their supervisors at all. So I would make the same decision all over again. You have now successfully completed your thesis.

What are you doing today?
Since May 2013 I have worked as a logistics consultant at agiplan. I support the project managers in their daily work and gain many exciting insights. We currently host workshops for a customer in the plant construction industry for whom we are developing a new plant structure. This blend of young colleagues and experienced consultants has proven successful in the past, and I can certainly confirm that I have been benefitting from my colleagues' wealth of experience.

How would you describe your working relationships with your colleagues?
I was treated as a fully fledged member of the agiplan family from day one. The staff all work together on an equal footing, no matter what position they have in the company. We help each other, everyone open and congenial, and there's no shortage of fun either.

How do you see your future with agiplan?
Following my induction period, I've started to take on more and more responsibility. My goal for the medium term is to take on sub-projects and see them through independently. I'm particularly interested in projects in the international market. After all, agiplan is very active in Eastern Europe and in China, so I'm confident that suitable opportunities will arise.

What do you advise students and graduates who are interested in working for agiplan?
An internship early on during your studies is a great opportunity to try and find out whether the work suits you and if you're cut out for the job. agiplan also offers opportunities for working students and thesis supervision. As my career shows, visiting career or job fairs is a good way to obtain information about possible employment options in a relaxed atmosphere.

Marco Brandl studied logistics at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the Technical University of Dortmund. He wrote his thesis on "Supply chain factory - A practical approach to assessing the network competence of small and medium-sized enterprises" at agiplan and was subsequently offered a direct entry role as a consultant in the logistics segment.

Marco Brandl
Marco Brandl, Logistics Consultant