Corona Restart Optimal planning and implementation of the restart


Whether in trade or industry, companies in almost all sectors must now prepare themselves for the "New Normal". After the corona crisis initially caused a decline in delivery and production volume and economic losses, the challenge now is to master the restart intelligently and effectively. No company can fall back on a blueprint for this. It is much more important to be critical and ask the right questions, answer them comprehensively and act consistently.

Eight fundamental questions for creating a restart plan

  1. How must production and logistics react to the changed demand situation?
  2. What emergency or immediate measures are necessary to quickly restore the supply capability?
  3. What resources and capacities are required for rapid implementation?
  4. What contribution can sales, purchasing, HR, IT and other corporate units make to a rapid ramp-up?
  5. What concrete measures are necessary to stabilise the ramp-up?
  6. How can we react optimally to a volatile demand situation, existing supply obligations, restrictions on freedom of movement and to orders from health authorities?
  7. Are all service providers and suppliers still on board and delivering reliably?
  8. What medium and long-term measures are necessary to achieve the ramp-up goals?


Corona Restart: Our agiplan service package

For the corona restart or a restart plan, companies need professional project management that goes far beyond cost and schedule control. The management of problem-solving processes faces a particularly complex challenge due to the fragile economic situation and scarce resources.

PDCA-cycle restart

PDCA-cycle for the restart

Implementation experience from numerous ramp-up projects

At agiplan we understand projects as an ongoing process chain, which we manage consistently according to the efficiency principle. When defining goals and planning projects, we work together with the customer to jointly determine the contents, goals, success criteria, milestones as well as effort and feasibility assessments. In project controlling, we control the deadlines and ensure effective interface management.

Our independence in analysis and consulting is especially beneficial for the corona restart, because from an objective perspective and with the involvement of agiplan's production and logistics experts as well as supply chain and contract managers, we not only offer comprehensive, holistic solutions to the client companies, but also put them into practice. In practice, it is often easier for an independent consultant to focus on what is feasible and the "new reality" when preparing a restart plan and its successful implementation, since old business models, systems and historically grown structures can be viewed from a neutral perspective.

Not least because of the current extraordinarily individual status quo in the companies, be it due to still open sales and demand expectations or fragile supply chains and production conditions for example, we recommend a comprehensive Quick-Check as a first step in preparation for the ramp-up. This allows us to determine which areas require special attention and support.

The agiplan approach: Quick-Check topic areas

Restart Quick Check

The advantages for our client companies

Methodically, agiplan relies on a hybrid project management, a combination of agile and classic project management. The classic project management provides the framework in which the agile sprints are processed. The advantage of this methodical approach is the ability to focus flexibly and in a concentrated manner on tasks and milestones without losing sight of the overall project, including cost and schedule control.

Our approach for the restart

approach restart

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