Corona Restart Restart Analysis: Rethinking and improving structures and processes

Corona-Restart Opeartions-Analyse

Despite its devastating effects, the corona pandemic opens up an opportunity for companies to examine and, if necessary, redesign existing, historically grown structures. Various scenarios in production, industrial architecture and logistics need to be prepared and analysed to ensure the ability to act in the future. Processes, methods and behavior patterns are to be reconsidered and, against the background of recent experience, designed in a targeted and future-proof manner.

Corona Restart: Our agiplan service package

Whether faster reaction times, a higher degree of automation or more flexible processes: Due to often scarce personnel resources and unproven methodological knowledge in process analysis, the risk of only analysing those processes that are assumed to be critical increases. It is of utmost importance and urgency to work out an objective overall picture and thus integrate yet unidentified risks, inefficiencies and optimisation potentials into the restart process.

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Measures for efficient structure and process improvement

agiplan bundles its decades of experience and extensive knowledge from industrial consulting with the restart analysis, which is geared towards the restart in the future. The agiplan restart analysis was specifically tailored to the requirements and needs in the areas of production, logistics and industrial architecture. It answers complex questions comprehensively in a short period of time:

The identified structural problems, risks and challenges are transformed into known potentials after stocktaking and process analysis in the company:

  • Individual and cross-divisional stocktaking of te current situation
  • Potential analysis and evaluation with regard to costs and benefits
  • Calculation of future risks in the event of a renewed crisis
  • Competent and independent consulting of the highest quality
  • Transparent and close cooperation with us as an interdisciplinary partner and consultant
  • Restart analysis and evaluation in only three days
  • General overview of potentials and risks
  • Placement in the benchmark
  • Clearlc defined quick wins and longer-term results

Approach for agiplan restart analysis

restart analysis

Optimisations in close cooperation with the clients

While we take stock of the current situation, analyse risks and challenges and evaluate the potential for optimization, the close cooperation with the client is of highest priority for agiplan. Through close cooperation with decision-makers and employees in open dialogues and workshops, we strengthen the acceptance of the solutions and accelerate their implementation. A precise and coordinated approach is especially necessary when historically grown structures and processes are optimised - even in a crisis.

The agiplan restart analysis makes it possible to minimise risks and formulate proposals for structural improvements in only three days. It also brings together efficiency improvements in production and logistics processes as well as optimisation possibilities in industrial architecture and enables holistic implementation. After process analyses and assessments, we will compile the identified risks, challenges and potentials in a comprehensive overview. This overview serves as a template for you to implement internal projects for crisis management. For example, it lays the foundation for future plant structure planning, digitisation and automation approaches for crisis management and efficiency improvements.

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