Interim management

Interim management

Temporary interim management

Interim management is a time-limited type of business management.

Unlike executive consultants, who hold a staff position, interim managers are responsible for the results of their work in a line position. They leave the company as soon as the problem has been resolved and a stable new business or department management has been established.

Interim management closes the gap between personnel leasing, management consulting and HR consulting, and is deployed in situations such as:

  • changes in the market, in the corporate strategy or in the corporate structure (e.g. developing new business areas)
  • Company rehabilitation
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Establishing a joint venture
  • Bridging vacancies
  • Starting a new project
  • Major new projects (e.g. site relocation)
  • Start-up management
  • Generation change preparation and support

Our solution expertise - your benefit

Owing to our employees' broad range of experiences and services we can offer you rapid entry through management and industry experience, and customised personnel capacities.

  • Ensuring acceptance through joint goal setting
  • Neutral leadership and problem solving
  • Specific implementation support for resolving special interest topics
  • Transfer of personal expertise and professional methodological competence
  • Coaching the start-up phase after project completion
  • Flexible contracts

Our employees' high social competence and long-standing experience are the two biggest factors ensuring successful projects.

At the beginning of each project, we make sure that our interim manager has all the required specialised technical skills and fits into the customer's individual environment.

In our experience, challenging situations and in-depth measures can only be handled successfully through committed and goal-oriented collaboration. With our interim management, we ensure your project's success.