Ramp-up and relocation management

Ramp-up and relocation management

Commissioning and start-up management

Whether investments in new facilities, restructuring and modernisation projects or new constructions - it is always important to take projects from the implementation phase to full operation.

It is not rare in this time and especially cost-sensitive phase for a variety of stakeholders with diverse activities and interdependencies to be jointly responsible for the project start-up. Predefined targets such as time-to-market, budget adherence and quality standards must be adhered to. It is important to coordinate the various commissioning phases and to optimise their transitions with the help of qualified start-up management.

This concerns, in particular, the interfaces between the release (release of products and specifications for construction and equipment) and the installation phase of the trades.

agiplan's experience from previous projects has shown that this area requires an increased coordination effort as system suppliers, for example, adhere to the specifications but frequently neglect the interplay of the individual components.

Then follows the pilot phase (trial operation or pre-zero series, and zero series) with the interface to the ramp-up phase with SOP until the ridge line is reached.

Our solution expertise - your benefit

During the start-up phase, in particular, many problems arise directly from planning mistakes, insufficient specifications, inflexible organisational forms and a lack of tools and sufficiently qualified staff.

In our experience, managers who are responsible for a low-risk start-up in adherence to deadlines and performance requirements are faced with the following issues:

  • Is there a systematic start-up plan for commissioning?
  • Can a planned SOP be maintained? If not, what escalation strategies are there and, more importantly, how do they take effect in time?
  • Are the right methods being deployed to manage and control a ramp-up?
  • Can the required target output quantities be produced at the right time in the desired quality?
  • How can the series start-up phase be shortened without any impact on the costs?
  • What error prevention strategies are in place to ensure a smooth start-up? In what form does change management guarantee that adjustments in individual areas do not impact on the project as a whole?

In the past decades, agiplan has commissioned production sites, technical trades and complete factories for a variety of businesses. Based on these cross-industry experiences, agiplan can help you with coordinating, monitoring, managing and controlling your project launches.