Development and management

Competitive campaign for the automotive location of NRW

agiplan initiated AutoCluster.NRW in collaboration with the Research Society of Automotive Engineering Aachen (fka). Today, both act as cluster managers in the consortium. agiplan's many years of experience in developing and managing regional industry clusters proved to be the perfect complement to the necessary research skills in automotive development.


agiplan's services at a glance

  • Development and implementation of a strategic approach to long-term cluster development
  • Involvement of all stakeholders from economy, science and politics
  • Development of a knowledge transfer and communication structure
  • Initiation of innovative collaborative projects

With approximately 200,000 employees at manufacturers, suppliers and research institutes, North Rhine-Westphalia is one of Germany's most important automotive locations.

AutoCluster.NRW pools these skills with the aim of improving competitiveness and innovation capability. It sees itself as an information and communication hub for the automotive and automotive supply industry. It links the partners of the automotive value chain, links industry and science, and provides key impetus for the economy and politics.

Autocluster.NRW's services

The cluster provides information on the automotive industry in NRW, offers an extensive range of training and qualification options, hosts joint trade fairs, facilitates the participation in collaborative platforms and provides access to international networks. It participates in target group-specific advertising campaigns for the automotive location NRW and establishes contact to advice centres for state, federal and EU funding programmes.

"AutoCluster.NRW supports the automotive industry in North Rhine-Westphalia. The greatest innovation potentials currently lie in technologically and economically efficient drive systems, safety and comfort technologies, and resource conservation," says Lothar Schneider, cluster manager and member of the agiplan executive board.