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A logistics concept for the Leipzig plant

An innovative body construction logistics concept

The BMW Group commissioned agiplan with the development of an overall body construction logistics concept for the Leipzig plant, including delivery processes, provision of the line, and storage and buffer area arrangements.

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Heiko Barth

Heiko Barth Member of the Executive Board

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agiplan's services

  • Development of a comprehensive body construction logistics concept
  • Realisation of forklift-free supply for the welding lines

The plant structures are designed in such a way that the future expansion and integration of new manufacturing technologies is possible at any time with little effort.

The body shop, paint shop and assembly area are each directly adjacent to the central area, forming a star-shaped overall complex. In the body shop, the body shells are manufactured from approximately 380 individual parts with around 4,700 spot welds.

As a novelty, all parts are supplied to the workstations without forklifts, and space is saved due to the large parts being supplied whole.




Heiko Barth

Heiko Barth

Member of the Executive Board