BorgWarner, Arnstadt

BorgWarner, Arnstadt

New logistics processes

New logistics processes for coupling production

Development of the logistics concept for the Arnstadt plant including production process scheduling and production logistics redesign through forklift-free production supply systems.

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Dr. Udo Riedesel

Dr. Udo Riedesel Head of Logistics

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  • Logistics concept including Process scheduling
  • Production logistics

BorgWarner commissioned agiplan with the design of the processes for coupling production and the requirements specification for the necessary IT system.

The extreme cleanliness requirements of production were given particular consideration during the selection of the logistics process.

The internal logistics were redesigned, along with the new forklift-free supply to production. The large parts are almost exclusively provided directly to production via the docked trailers.

The remaining parts are buffered in a warehouse. The replenishment requirements of production are passed on by the workers directly to logistics by scanning the barcode information.

agiplan realised a sophisticated logistics concept for individual parts with the aim of minimising stocks, action steps, and transport chains in addition to forklift-free supply Systems.




Dr. Udo Riedesel

Dr. Udo Riedesel

Head of Logistics