City of Essen energy and climate concept

City of Essen energy and climate concept

Development and implementation

City of Essen: 40 percent less CO2 by 2020

By 2020, the City of Essen plans to reduce its emissions of the harmful greenhouse gas CO2 by 40 percent. To achieve this, in 2009 the City developed a comprehensive concept for sustainable urban development, climate protection and adaptation to climate change.

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agiplan's services at a glance

  • Positioning and advancement of climate protection activities
  • Definition of fields of action, and controlling and monitoring the activities and projects
  • Drafting of a framework roadmap for klima|werk|stadt|essen
  • Adaptation and optimisation of the project organisation, and closer networking
  • Development of impulses for public relations

The "Integrated Energy and Climate Concept" (IECC) currently comprises approximately 130 activities and projects. To further advance the IECC and implement it with a focus on its objectives, agiplan first became involved in the project in December 2011.

The goal is to pool existing initiatives, further develop sub-projects, integrate new activities and systematise and optimise all activities accordingly.

New project organisation to foster efficient implementation

In collaboration with the engineering firm Gertec, agiplan succeeded in enhancing the IECC's implementation process by structuring projects according to their classification as driver, basic or other IECC projects.

The central component was the adaptation and development of the project organisation by specifically allocating responsibilities for the efficient management and implementation of the IECC in order to ensure the ambitious 40% CO2 reduction for the future.

"agiplan's efforts have led to significant impulses for the development of both methodologies and content.", says Matthias Sinn of the Environmental Office of the City of Essen. "agiplan boasts a holistic approach, technical expertise and highly motivated staff."

Public Management - City of Essen energy and climate concept
Public Management - City of Essen energy and climate concept




Nomo Braun

Nomo Braun

Senior Consultant