Eduard Kronenberg

relocation management

Werke werden an einem Ort zusammengelegt

agiplan takes on the relocation management, coordinates the interfaces to the construction process, safeguards the commissioning of the machines, and ensures a smooth restart within the agreed schedule and budget.

Eduard Kronenberg

agiplan's services

  • Contract tendering and bid evaluation
  • Detailed relocation planning
  • Updating the layout for machinery installation
  • Coordinating all involved parties

New project organisation creates independence

In 1867, the EDUARD KRONENBERG company commenced operation with steel pocket knife springs - today it stands for the production of precision parts made of steel and plastic. EK, a global market leader, has been supplying the insulating glass industry with fasteners made of steel since 1977. In 2004, the range was extended by plastic parts.

In 2013, the next milestone is achieved: The two Solingen plants were merged in a new location in the Haan/NRW Technology Park.

The detailed planning began six months prior to the move

The challenge was to reduce machinery and equipment in just 14 days during full operation, and at times dismantle them in the smallest of spaces in both plants to then rebuild them in Haan.

The extremely heavy punching machines form the centrepiece; they were positioned in their precise location at the new site using large cranes. "It was important to align the relocation with Kronenberg's supplier obligations to ensure that deliveries were affected as little as possible", says project manager Dr Uwe Jäger.

Thanks to perfect preparation and planning, this is achieved - and production at new plant in Haan continues seamlessly.


months conception
weeks for relocation
million stamped parts per year