Land utilisation and productivity optimisation

Philippine insulation materials: Pioneer of the insulation industry

Philippine produces insulating materials from polystyrene. agiplan took on the task of investigating how to more efficiently increase production at their location. To this end, the company's plot and processes underwent analyses. The final result was a new production plant.

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agiplan's services at a glance

  • Development and evaluation of options for land utilisation at the production site
  • Analysis of alternative solutions for the storage of finished goods
  • Derivation of productivity potentials in different storage Scenarios
  • Recommendation for long-term site development

Philippine GmbH & Co. KG Dämmstoffsysteme KG is a subsidiary of the Philippine-Saarpor group of companies. The medium-sized enterprises specialises in plastics processing.

150 employees achieve a turnover of 45 million euros per year in two different locations. Philippine Dämmstoffe is one of the leading manufacturers of insulation materials made of EPS/polystyrene in Germany. Since 1960, Philippine has grown steadily. Polystyrene needs space.

To determine how production at the Bochum site can be increased effectively, agiplan analysed the plot and existing processes.

State-of-the-art polystyrene requires new production plant

Evaluating the situation included the development of alternatives to redesign the finished goods logistics, and in a second step the analysis of productivity potentials.

For this purpose, the existing plot was examined, storage systems dimensioned, structural solutions developed, production analysed to identify bottlenecks, and productivity boosts derived.

A comparison of the necessary investments with the expected contribution margin caused agiplan to recommend that Philippine GmbH make a strategic decision and invest in a new production site in the medium term.

2014 thus saw Europe's most modern and innovative production plant open its doors in Castrop-Rauxel.


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Petra Leyk-Voß

Petra Leyk-Voß

Senior Consultant

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