Region Cologne/Bonn

Region Cologne/Bonn

Analysis of regional climate change and climate protection activities

The region Cologne/Bonn tackles climate protection strategically

The region Cologne/Bonn should become smarter – therefore, energy supply, network development and renewable energies should be linked. agiplan provides a first evaluation of existing concepts and measures and identifies future key activities.

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Lothar Schneider

Lothar Schneider Member of the Executive Board

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agiplan's services

  • Summary of activities concerning climate protection and climate change adaptation
  • Survey of implementation status
  • Systematization and analysis of existing strategies, concepts and measures
  • Visual presentation of the results

In the sector "energy and climate" the association "Region Köln/Bonn" wants to support the "smart region": energy supply, network development, expansion of renewable energies should be linked together intelligently in the German cities Cologne, Bonn and in the districts Rhein-Erft-Kreis, Rhein-Sieg-Kreis, Rheinisch-Bergischer Kreis, Rhein-Kreis Neuss and Oberbergischer Kreis.

For the region where about 3.5 million people are living development trajectories have been identified. Moreover, various activities already exist on the municipal level, which have the aim to protect the climate, to enhance environmentally friendly supply of energy and to adapt to the climate change.

Screening and analysis of strategies, concepts and measures

To gain an overview of the measures that have been politically decided, actually realized or conceptually formalized agiplan has been instructed to sight activities concerning climate protection and climate change adaptation in 66 regional authorities. Therefore, a database that lists regional measures and a digital library was implemented.

agiplan's work forms a solid base in order to follow up the regional strategy "smart region" also on municipal level. Thereby, besides the development of the status quo, future focus and potential for action in the region are identified.


regional authorities in 3 cities and 5 administrative districts
measures in 7 departments
percent response rate in the survey
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Lothar Schneider

Lothar Schneider

Member of the Executive Board