Schmitz Cargobull

Project management for product and plant development

R&D project management for a new trailer generation

Prior to the introduction of the new chassis series "GENIOS", agiplan supported SCB in coordinating the extensive product and plant development.

Schmitz Cargobull

agiplan's services

  • Project management in the development of the new chassis generation "GENIOS"
  • Synchronisation of product and plant development by means of a gate concept
  • Planning of the project stages, milestones, and development and release states
  • Determining the necessary capacities and coordination with the resources
  • Interface management and stabilisation of the project structure

Schmitz Cargobull AG is Europe's largest manufacturer of lorry trailers. The company manufactures in seven production facilities, mostly in Germany.

By introducing innovative process technologies, Schmitz Cargobull strives to further strengthen its role as a technology leader and adjust its production capacity to the volatile trailer market.

To this end, extensive development tasks needed to be coordinated both in product development and in machine design.

Conversion of the entire series to a new chassis generation

With its new "GENIOS" series, Schmitz Cargobull switched its manufacturing process to cold forming. This requires all components to feature a production-friendly design.

For the development of the plant, a base chassis was initially selected as the reference product. A gate concept facilitated the synchronisation of the development of product and production facilities, and both strands of development had to pass through a gate simultaneously.

Thanks to the introduction of a modular system for the main components, the huge product variety could be streamlined immensely. The production was organised according to lean principles. As a result, product variants emerge only very late in the production chain. agiplan's services comprise the coordination of the R&D tasks, the prioritisation of the work steps, and the efficient interface design for the product and plant development.


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