Hambach plant

Comprehensive assembly factory planning

Agiplan assumed the role of general planner for the 'smart' assembly plant in Hambach. A unique innovative and cost-effective industrial park concept with a special operator model forms the basis for smart production.

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Heiko Barth

Heiko Barth Member of the Executive Board

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agiplan’s services

  • Resource planning
  • Assembly process layout
  • Material flow/control
  • Simulation
  • Work organisation
  • Information logistics / DV
  • Product management

agiplan conceived the general planning of the assembly system including the assembly process, all resources, the four forms of delivery including direct supply and connection of the module plants, simulation, work organisation and information logistics.

agiplan oversaw all areas from conceptual design to handover to the operator. Parallel teams developed the processes for the logistics centre (TUF) and set up the module plant for plastic parts.

Furthermore, agiplan coordinated all matters related to the construction schedule. All stages of the project were planned and managed by agiplan:

  • Rough concept
  • Execution planning
  • Implementation
  • Try-out
  • Start-up support

The factory for the plastic parts (CBS) was designed and implemented by agiplan. A crucial task was the supervision of the construction work.

The overall simulation of the site was managed by agiplan's partners SDZ (SimulationsDienstleistungsZentrum - Simulation Service Centre).

The design of the on-site logistics function (TUF) was developed together with Rhenus.

agiplan drew up the invitation to tender to select the service providers. The same services were provided for the rear axle drive plant.



Heiko Barth

Heiko Barth

Member of the Executive Board