Spectr-Les General Planning

Spectr-Les General Planning

A modern wood factory

New factories and new machines

Since 2010 Spectr-Les stands for typical wooden houses and timber products from the Russian Region Perm. The company has a long-term license for the use of the local forest resources - and therefore planned to expand its production mainly by a modern sawmill and new factories including new machinery of Western standards.

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Heiko Barth

Heiko Barth Member of the Executive Board

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agiplan's services

  • Creation of the factory concept and layouts
  • Development of the hall use concept
  • New logistics for an optimal production sequence
  • Optimization of the value chain

The aim of the project was to process about 300,000 cubic meters of wood annually and cover also innovative products such as TMT and WPC by the new facilities.

As a general planner agiplan defined the necessary features for the new lumber mills and area requirements for the individual production steps. Together with the needs of the logistics which an ideal block layout was created, which allows an optimal production sequence. The focus was on flexibility: agiplan developed an ideal factory concept that made the gradual opening of the new facility possible.

Efficient use of waste

The value chain has been redesigned and optimized with new suppliers. 500 new jobs will be created. For the future, Spectr-Les plans to produce biofuel briquettes from its own process residues and external forestry materials. Together with the thermal recycling of other waste a largely waste-free production is achieved.

By the autumn of 2016 the sawmill, which belongs with his performance in the top 10 in Russia, be fully operational.


jobs created
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Heiko Barth

Heiko Barth

Member of the Executive Board