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Our objective is to sustainably increase the profitability of our clients

Digitisation, with its almost unlimited possibilities and high innovation density, offers enormous potential for long-term growth in added value. The digital transformation that comes with digitisation in companies raises some fundamental questions for many companies and institutions, like: Is digitalisation a good idea for the future? Which effects, such as cost savings, process transparency and process efficiency, can be significantly optimised with the digital transformation and which prerequisites need to be met to achieve this?

The importance of information technology in both industry and the public sector has increased significantly in recent years, driven by digital progress. Accordingly, agiplan GmbH is engaged in a multitude of projects to transform the advantages and instruments of digitisation into tangible benefits. We develop customised digitisation strategies for companies as well as for the public sector, the scope and form of which we adapt according to the individual starting situation and objectives. Our goal is to sustainably increase the profitability and efficiency of our clients.

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Optimisation of Information Flows

Data Analysis and Data Management

Virtual Production & Logistics

Potential Check Industry 4.0

Campus & Hub Development

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Achieve individual business goals with digitisation

Self-controlling production plants, automatic logistics and transport systems, data glasses and scanner technology in warehouse logistics or big data analyses for assessing production sites - when we handle factory and logistics planning, we always think digitally. Here, we always base our approach on the premise that digitisation is not a purpose in itself, but rather a tool for achieving individual goals.

The digital transformation is also playing an increasingly important role in the public sector and is being actively incorporated into development projects of many regions and cities. Thus, for example, digital mobility concepts can help solve traffic problems in large cities while the establishment of digital hubs and campuses can boost entire sectors of the economy and regions. Whether in regional and urban development or in project work on energy issues and European structural policy - we assist municipalities, regional administrations and other stakeholders by pointing out opportunities, identifying and evaluating potentials and developing customised digitisation concepts.

Four steps towards Digital Transformation

Digitisation is a process that needs to be thought through and handled step by step. Whether at the beginning of the process or in its more advanced stages - we have tailored our range of services to suit the most important stages of the digital transformation.

We offer:

  • Model Development for digital cities and regions, from conception to implementation
  • Campus and Hub Development (for regions): Concept de-velopment and implementation at municipal or regional level
  • Virtual Production and Logistics: Development of a digital image of value creation model and processes in the com-pany for analysis and optimisation
  • Machine Learning and AI
  • Development of Add-ons to Operational IT Systems Infor-mation
  • Value Stream Mapping: Optimierung der Informationsflüsse entlang der Geschäftsprozesse
  • Data Management: Utilization and exploitation of the wealth of operational data
  • Comprehensive Industry Structure and Cluster Analyses


  • The unique DNA of agiplan: We understand the industry and the public sector. We know the internal concerns of companies and the challenges regions face.
  • Individual consulting approach
  • Competence from the development of an idea to concrete proposals and the development of digitisation solutions.
  • Always focused on implementation: We place great signifi-cance on the feasibility of all concepts and incorporate our experience from a wide range of automation and digitisa-tion projects.
  • Thought through to the end: Many digitisation projects re-quire preparation in terms of processes. We identify the relevant points to enable their realisation.
  • Comprehensive expertise in the fields of regional man-agement, financing and marketing

Our services have been used and continue to be used by many leading companies.


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