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The Ideal Factory Structure

agiplan offers factory planning services with the goal of making companies more competitive. We achieve this by developing production facilities with optimal functionality and the ability to evolve and grow. This enables us to lay the foundation for a sustainable economic success of our clients.

At agiplan we plan factories from inside to outside. This happens regardless of whether it is a new factory construction (greenfield) or the existing factory planning (brownfield). We focus first of all on an ideal arrangement of functional areas, which is determined by the requirements of production processes. In the second step, we include buildings, land and technical conditions in the planning. Thus the architecture of our factories always reflects their function. It gives them a suitable and flexible framework, provides space and transparent structures.

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Our Success Factors:

  • Concept planning as a baseline for the redesign of the factory
  • Creation of planning foundations
  • Definition of target processes
  • Design of an ideal layout: Optimal arrangement of functional areas
  • Derivation of real layouts under consideration of physical and technical conditions
  • Evaluation of different layout variants
  • Creation of a written concept as a basis for further planning steps
  • Review of existing project agreements


From Concept Planning to Implementation

The reasons for having your plant or production facility rethought and redesigned differ. They may be based on a company's strategic considerations, such as restructuring or reor-ganisation, or they may be a reaction to external circumstances, such as changes in markets and competitive conditions. Below are some possible reasons:

A methodical approach is the be-all and end-all when it comes to factory planning. Our 4-stage model enables us to support our clients from concept development to implementation.

Factory Planning: agiplan's methodology

Factory Planning in four stages

Stage 1: Concept planning

With its concept planning, agiplan lays the foundation for each factory planning process. On the basis of strategic specifications and objectives as well as a thorough analysis of the starting situation, we develop an ideal area layout for companies, which is initially based exclusively on existing logic, i.e. processes and structures. Buildings, land and technical equipment are first included in the planning in the following step and the ideal layout is then adapted to the physical conditions. This procedure enables the entire process to be optimally adapted to the client's requirements, while simultaneously ensuring maximum efficiency and productivity. In addition, when developing concepts, we always take long-term corporate objectives into account and ensure that the new factory is capable of meeting future requirements.

Our services – an overview:

  • Concept planning as the starting point for the redesign of the factory
  • Creation of reliable planning foundations under consideration of future developments
  • Definition of target processes
  • Design of an ideal layout: Optimal arrangement of functional areas
  • Derivation of real layouts under consideration of physical and technical conditions
  • Evaluation of different layout variants
  • Visualization and digital models
  • Economic application (investments, one-off costs, running costs)
  • Creation of a written concept as a foundation for further planning steps

Exact planning principles as a foundation for the factory concept

Our starting point is the development of planning principles: These are obtained on the one hand by analysing the current situation, including production and logistics structures, material and information flows, areas, inventories and the machinery and plant parks. On the other hand, the corporate strategy provides the guidelines for the concept planning. The use of 3D laser scanners or modelling software enables us to carry out even more precise data analyses and virtually simulate various scenarios. This makes planning results even more accurate and investment decisions more secure.

Process development follows structuring principles of production

The first planning step is the design of processes, structures and systems. We always orientate ourselves on predetermined structuring principles which are essential for adding value and therefore determine the logic of the factory - e.g. specific manufacturing processes, product lines or customer groups with specific requirements. Based on these principles, we develop target processes that generate an optimal value flow. Finally, the selection of production and logistics systems is determined by these processes.

From ideal layout to real layout

As soon as production processes, structures and systems and therewith the heart of the new factory have been defined, we arrange the functional areas in the layout in such a way that they optimally serve value creation and are not subordinated to the physical conditions of a building or site. We call this the ideal layout, from which we derive a suitable real layout only in the second step. Our goal is to integrate as many logical elements and solution modules of the ideal structure as possible in the real area layout. This often results in several layout variants that need to be evaluated: We consult our clients in this process by jointly defining evaluation criteria and checking the various solutions accordingly. Among other things, the financial investment framework and the implementation effort are important factors here.

Planning results and recommended action

Ultimately, we summarize the planning results in a concept and deliver a recommendation for the future factory structure. The concept forms the basis for detailed planning (stage 2), in which the further design of the functional areas is carried out. It contains the following components:

Stage 2: Detailed planning

The end result of the concept phase is an optimised factory structure agreed upon with the client. This arranges the individual functional areas of the plant in a surface layout so that value creation processes can be carried out optimally. In the detailed planning, agiplan designs the individual functional areas in detail. We define workflows in production, assembly and logistics and equip the individual modules accordingly with technology and equipment. Additionally, we optimally adapt walking, transport and information paths to the value stream. In detailed planning, we apply lean methods to ensure maximum efficiency. At the end of the detailed planning phase, an implementation concept is drawn up, which contains a rough schedule of concrete measures and serves as a basis for tenders and the implementation phase.

Our services at a glance:

  • Detailed planning of the functional areas with processes and material flows
  • Definition of the interface to the building and building services
  • Arrangement and design of the workplace
  • Development of space and surface program of functional areas, creation of detailed layouts
  • Definition of the structural and safety requirements
  • Rough calculation of project costs and investment volume
  • Creation of an implementation concept as a basis for the realisation phase (measures, terms, re-sources)
  • Assistance in coordination with authorities regarding approvability

Stage 3: Calls for tender

Upon completion of the planning phases of factory planning (concept phase and detailed planning), agiplan creates a catalogue of measures that serves as a starting point for the implementation of planned activities (construction measures, installations, etc.). However, prior to the implementation of the new factory layout, we assist our clients in the tendering of trades and services.

Our services at a glance:

  • Supervision of tendering and awarding process
  • Preparation of tender documents and evaluation catalogues
  • Evaluation of written tenders and tender presentations
  • Award recommendation
  • Support during contract negotiations

Preparation of tender documents, evaluation of offers, contract negotiations

In close cooperation with the purchasing department, we prepare the tender documents and an evaluation catalogue for incoming offers and presentations. During the tendering phase, we are at the disposal of all bidders as contact persons for technical or procedural questions and thus provide relief to our clients. After we have reviewed and evaluated all offers, the tendering phase ends with our recommendation for the award of the contract to our clients. In the awarding process, we provide support during the negotiations and, if required, point out alternative solutions.

agiplan provides independent and vendor-neutral consulting

When tendering for trades, we always provide neutral and independent consulting to com-panies. We are not bound to any vendors or dealers of production and logistics systems. At the same time, we dispose of a large network of suppliers and, thanks to many years of experience in production and logistics planning, a comprehensive technical know-how. This enables us to provide our clients with transparent and comparable offers.

Stage 4: Implementation

Once the factory planning and tendering process has been completed, the implementation of the planned reorganisation measures of the factory commences. In other words, areas are restructured or expanded according to the new layout and equipped with technical systems such as production facilities or logistics systems. If necessary, buildings are also structural-ly modified or reconstructed.

Reconstruction or construction of a factory often involves a large number of internal and external persons, companies and authorities, most of whom are interrelated. The coordina-tion of this complex network is an extraordinary task for the client. All the more so as nor-mal production must continue at full load, because markets, customers and competitors do not rest. agiplan assists companies throughout the entire realisation of their new factory: We supervise the installation and commissioning of machines and logistics systems and act as a ramp-up for suppliers and trades. If required, we can also take over the construction management and support you with comprehensive project management services (project control).

Our services - Overview:

  • Supplier support
  • Commissioning
  • Support of system tests and acceptance tests
  • Coordination of trades
  • Artistic construction management
  • Comprehensive project management

General planner of production facilities - for over 50 years

As general planners, we have been building production facilities all over the world for over 50 years. What distinguishes us from others is our interdisciplinary team of consultants, plant planners, architects and project managers. Our expertise and experience in the field of integrated factory planning is incorporated into every new project: From plant structure planning and layout planning to the design of factory buildings and the turnkey handover and commissioning of the new factory. We guarantee the maximum added value and productivity of a factory - and thus assist companies in investment projects as well as in restructuring.

agiplan is the point of contact for trades and suppliers

agiplan keeps an overview of all responsibilities and deadlines and knows what has to be done, when and by whom. Our consultants and plant planners with their professional know-hows in the field of production and logistics are your dedicated points of contact regarding the construction and assembly of production facilities and logistics systems. We monitor the commissioning of machines and technology and assist during the test phase. The supervision of all structural measures on the building is carried out by our architects for industrial construction. Thus we assure our clients that their plant will be completed within the scheduled time and cost frame and with the appropriate quality.

Please contact us for further information: Our experts from the Mülheim agiplan headquar-ters and the Stuttgart location look forward to consulting you.

Our services have been used and continue to be used by many leading companies.


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