Global networks Strategic Design and Optimization

Expanding and optimizing production and logistics networks offers companies enormous opportunities. Whether through proximity to local customers, more efficient access to suppliers and technologies, or cost advantages through leaner processes, lower wages, or attractive subsidies.
Based on your strategy and business case, we examine the potential of suitable economic regions on a macro and micro level. In line with our claim "thought. done", our analyses lead to clear recommendations for suitable locations and optimized networks that exactly match your requirement profile.

Our services

  • Analysis and evaluation of the existing value network
  • Localization of optimization potentials of the existing network structure
  • Clarification of the requirement profile and criteria catalog for the new location
  • Supply Chain Design - Designing the Value Chain
  • Development of Manufacturing Footprint and Logistics Footprint scenarios, i.e. expansion, redesign or reorganization of the existing network structure evaluation, quantification of effects
  • Implementation planning: Site master plans, resource and time planning.
  • Measures for risk reduction or management
  • Addition of risk and resilience to supply chain profitability analysis
  • Re-design of supply chains – also globally

Your advantage

  • Support from international partner network – transparency in the presentation of analysis results
  • Expertise of interdisciplinary teams of factory planners and regional experts
  • Experienced consultants who have planned a large number of production and logistics sites
  • Secure basis for decision-making through systematic planning process and evaluation of costs and benefits
  • Future viability: Consideration of dynamic influencing factors

The interaction of manufacturing, assembly and logistics across multiple sites – the production footprint – relies on a multitude of strategic decisions. When relocating production facilities, the starting point is always the question: What is the best location for my factory and logistics? The answer is based on a thorough analytical process and should not be left to gut feeling.
Depending on the production task, vertical range of manufacture, logistics relationships or the factor input, e.g. energy requirements or space requirements, the requirements for the new location are highly individual from company to company. As experienced site and factory planners, we know how to outline the success factors for new plants and logistics centers in order to create a search profile for a country, region or site.

We also support you in making your existing value network efficient and future-proof. agiplan reviews existing value chains for their performance and develops various optimization options. As a result, our clients receive a thoroughly tested recommendation for action and decision support for an optimized production and logistics network that enables the realization of corporate goals and is feasible to implement.

agiplan's approach to production and supply chain network design

Identify and manage supply chain risks

By letting agiplan analyze and minimize the risks in your logistics processes, you will benefit from lean, fast and resilient operations. Resilient supply chains lead to stable factory supply, even if one of the elements along the process chain is out of balance. Our consulting services can help companies avoid the high losses that can occur when they fail to consider supply chain risks and instead respond to them when they occur.


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