Location Planning Create and implement comprehensive lo-cation concepts

Finding the right location

From the definition of business locations to feasibility studies, concept, layout and detailed planning of logistics centres and plants, up to implementation support and commissioning, agiplan's competencies and integrated services cover all aspects of location planning.

With agiplan's comprehensive expertise, decisions on business locations and development opportunities become transparent. When selecting a business location, we take into account supply chain and corporate structure issues as well as cost factors. In addition to investment decisions, location issues as well as reconstruction and reorganisation matters are also not to be overlooked.

Benefit from the interdisciplinary skills of our experts in factory planning, industrial architecture and logistics. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Feasibility Studies

Master Planning

Location Selection

Location Structure

Factory Structure Planning –
the ideal area layout

Our services have been used and continue to be used by many leading companies.

Achieving maximum added value with the ideal area layout

When planning a plant structure, agiplan applies the experience and expertise gained from over 1,000 factory planning projects. Our interdisciplinary teams of factory planners, product experts, logistics experts and architects rely on the latest planning methods to create the perfect layout for every plant location or factory building.

approach factory structure and location planning

agiplan's planning scheme and methodology of  factory structure planning.


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