Locations With agile planning to the perfect project result

With agiplan agile, our agile planning targeted at production and logistics, we deliver resilient results early on in complex projects with variable requirements and offer our customers the optimal solution.

We successfully played out the strengths and advantages of agile planning in numerous projects:

  • Fast project start, because not all details have to be defined and decided at the beginning of the project.
  • Direct influence on the part of the customer on the course of the project and the project result
  • High flexibility towards changing customer priorities and needs: Due to short processing cycles and intervals, goals and plans can be more easily adapted to changing requirements
  • Precise use of know-how and planning services
  • Results for the customer are achieved more quickly compared to classic planning and are more se-cure due to regular delivery of usable interim results
  • Reduced risk that the customer's expectations are not fully met
  • High transparency for the customer due to close, dynamic collaboration through regular planning and review rounds
  • More effective and streamlined workflows
  • Project obstacles, such as missing information, are identified and resolved at an early stage, which in turn supports faster project completion.
  • Relatively consistent effort on the customer side throughout the project lifecycle
  • Each individual team member (customer + agiplan) bears responsibility for the result. This ensures increased motivation, self-organization, commitment and acceptance of the final result within the team
  • Project completion with the desired results, which were individually tailored to the customer's needs

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Agile planning: Developing best solutions individually and jointly

A significant advantage of projects organized with agile planning is the ability to transfer the client's needs with appropriate prioritization into a dynamic project structure. As a result, the client does not receive a standard service package, but rather a solution that is precisely tailored in its approach and use of methods, leading to a high level of transparency in cost control, project progress and quality assurance.


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agiplan agile briefly and clearly explained

Quick check: agiplan agile approach for your project management.

At the beginning of a classic planning process, the goals and framework conditions for the project are usually defined and translated into concrete planning requirements. The next step is to realize these fixed customer requirements at the calculated costs and within the specified deadlines.

If these requirements are not finally known at the beginning or change during the course of the project, this presents a challenge to the classic approach. As a rule, it is only possible to react to flexible conditions at the expense of time and/or costs. Agile approaches such as agile planning, on the other hand, rely on fixed deadlines and costs. The requirements, on the other hand, are not fixed, but are developed step by step during the project together with the client. The agile approach and the methods used therefore allow a high degree of dynamism and flexibility in the face of changing conditions.


Consistently implementing customer requirements

The overall structure of the agile project is divided into project phases with corresponding, individually agreed milestones and subsequent quality gates, with the structure and sequence of the phases consistently aligned with customer priorities. This subdivision gives the planning an external framework and ensures that the project remains clear and the overall structure is not neglected.

The individual project phases are implemented according to an agile understanding of roles as well as the agile way of working: The project phases are divided into short processing cycles - with the aim of generat-ing interim results that are useful for the client at rapid intervals. These cycles also ensure rapid feedback loops and allow adjustments to be made even if the requirements and framework conditions change. As a result, the client is continuously involved in the planning progress, which ensures the creation of an optimal planning result for the client and significantly increases customer satisfaction.

agiplan agile is more than a planning method, it is based on the agility mindset, which is an intelligent combi-nation of values, principles and practices. The agile mindset helps self-organized teams deliver high-quality work results in short iterations. Together with the client, we succeed in responding flexibly to our client's task and related requirements while meeting planning needs..

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