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In a competitive industrial environment characterized by rapid market changes and ever-shorter innovation cycles, and thus requiring maximum flexibility of in-house production and logistics systems, the use of virtual models offers enormous advantages. The Digital Factory, like Digital Logistics, is emerging as a leading method to increase performance and efficiency - while maintaining a high level of cost control.

In traditional planning processes, performance improvement projects are associated with many uncertainties: What are the effects of changing the production apparatus to manufacture smaller batches or handle rush orders? Where do bottlenecks occur and what measures can I take to eliminate them? What influence do e-commerce orders have on operational logistics? How could digital technologies usefully complement my systems and what quantifiable output would this have? Is the investment in a new technology worthwhile?

Virtual mapping of production and logistics systems creates certainty here. Simulation models offer the opportunity to first test various scenarios in a virtual environment before these go into real - and cost-intensive - implementation. They create transparency and clarity about the way in which changes to the production program or the logistics network will impact or how profitable certain investments are. agiplan develops basic virtual models of their production and logistics systems for companies and develops procedures for simulating certain problems and interpreting results.

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Our services

  • Development of a basic model and the procedure for answering specific questions
  • Definition of scenarios
  • Commissioning of the model and interpretation of the results
  • Development of fields of action: Definition of concrete optimization measures for implementation in reality
  • Possible project extension after modeling: Support in the implementation of measures in logistics and production planning

Your advantage

  • Transparent presentation of your own production and logistics systems and simulation of future scenarios
  • The digital factory creates certainty in investment decisions
  • Well-founded derivation of options for action and optimization potentials
  • Experienced consultants with know-how in modeling as well as in production and logistics planning
  • Consulting with vision: Experience gained from a large number of completed projects is incorporated into the process
  • Virtual planning saves resources: Effort and yield of optimization measures become visible at an early stage before actual implementation

Identifying potential on the basis of model results

Virtual models not only represent buildings and plants as 3D visualizations, they also realistically depict all the processes, actions, goods and material movements that take place within them. Through the interaction of man and machine, virtual goods are also produced and pallets moved in the digital factory. It is precisely these dynamic connections between employees and technology in a specific system logic that are the core of the consideration. They are the decisive factor for efficiency and performance.

Basic models of a digital factory first map the ACTUAL state of a production or logistics system. In order to test which events or measures have which effects, individual parameters are changed within the models and realistic future scenarios are depicted in this way. On the basis of the model results, potentials can be identified and ideas and approaches derived from them, e.g. for increasing economic efficiency, product and service quality or improving processing times.

agiplan supports companies with professional and technical know-how

When it comes to creating virtual models and interpreting simulation results, we support companies with technical and professional know-how: Our interdisciplinary teams of IT experts and factory and logistics planners have in-depth knowledge of the software landscape in the field of modeling technology, while also possessing many years of experience in the development and implementation of production and logistics concepts.

Typical questions that can be answered with virtual models are:

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