Locations Industrial architecture as an elementary component of integrated general planning

In factory planning, companies usually focus on the challenges of production technology and logistics. Experience shows, however, that during the strategy and concept phase, the constructional issues, illustrated in the general planning, are initially neglected. The planning process can be severely impaired, whether by serious delays in the schedule or skyrocketing costs.

agiplan's industrial architects treat the construction aspects with high priority from the very beginning of the project. In this respect, customers rely on us as a general planner who thinks and acts holistically - from initial strategy development to factory start-up across all disciplines of factory planning and logistics.

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Our services

  • Holistic, comprehensive factory planning from a single source
  • Alignment of corporate goals with concept planning
  • Basic evaluation, preliminary planning, design planning and approval planning
  • Master planning for general contractor tendering and participation in the tendering and awarding process
  • Quality control of the general contractor's services

Your advantages

  • One central contact guarantees uncomplicated project coordination
  • Binding project-related scheduling and higher cost security
  • Early cost and schedule certainty due to comprehensive assumption of all planning services
  • Elimination of the separate pursuit of contractual claims, such as warranty and liability claims, which is necessary in the case of an individual award.
  • The contractual warranty periods for individual planners, which often differ in the case of an individual contract award, no longer apply
  • Liability and warranty rest with one company

    Clarifying strategies and creating a concept

    An excellent plan is more than half the battle: That's why, in the first step of our work, we integrate the client's corporate and strategic goals into our planning concept and develop these basic project deliverables:

    Basic evaluation

    We offer our clients the HAOI scope of services and numerous additional services. In accordance with the coordinated basic service profile of HOAI 2013, we prepare basic determinations for the following planning areas and thus identify the final basic data for the further planning phase:

    For the service profile buildings/exterior facilities, the basic evaluation includes the following services, among others:

    The preliminary planning (based on HOAI LPH 2)

    On the basis of the agreed planning fundamentals, we prepare the preliminary design planning in accordance with the recorded building requirements and general conditions - including the development of concept variants, which are brought to a decision with the client via an evaluation procedure.

    The preliminary design planning also includes:

    We present the result as a graphic representation of the preliminary design of the buildings including a brief construction description.

    Holistic approach in factory planning by agiplan

    Design planning (based on HOAI LPH 3)

    We work out the concept as a preliminary design in all details to such an extent that it can form the basis for local approval and detailed preparation for execution. The service is developed in coordination with the client and the specialist engineers and includes the technical coordination and integration of their contributions.

    The individual services in this regard are:

    Approval planning (based on HOAI LPH 4)

    On the basis of the preceding concept planning, all necessary documents for the building application procedure are compiled and elaborated. This includes the submission of the building application documents to the authorities - according to the procedure and the specifications of the client (competence coordination). We also conduct the necessary discussions until the building permit is issued. We also provide this service to an adequate extent in cooperation with the specialist engineers.

    The services in detail are:

    Master planning for General Contractor Invitation to Bid (FLB) (based on HOAI LPH 5)

    In this service phase, our planning team works out the construction measures in terms of planning for a general contractor award for construction services and approves them together with the client. The objective is a guaranteed qualitative and clear execution by the general contractor.

    The object is described in all necessary representations and data and specified in drawings, so that a clear basis for the agreement to the performance profile and as a basis for the contract and the realization is given. This includes overview drawings, schematics, system and construction details in the respective necessary scales with the necessary textual explanations regarding color, material and quality as system planning (master details). The contributions of all other parties involved in the planning of the service package are integrated, as well as the specifications of the experts and conditions from the permits, including collision checks for all trades.

    GC Invitation to Bid, participation in award of contract (FLB) (based on HOAI LPH 6-7)

    We prepare an GC Invitation to Bid (ITB) for you on the basis of the design/integration planning and the definition of the master planning. This ITB describes qualities and functionalities of the components to be built by a general contractor without compilation of quantities. This GC Invitation to Bid will describe all required work in subsections with subheadings, identified and requested from the general contractor for pricing purposes.

    Optionally, the general contractors can bring in their own optimizations in the competition, which are evaluated by us and then presented to the client for a final decision. The scope of services in this phase:

    Quality control of the GC's services (in accordance with HOAI LPH 8)

    The client's representation or the artistic site management is an advisory function to support the client - and not the construction supervision according to service phase 8 of the HAOI, since the construction services are provided by a General Contractor.

    The services included in this phase are:

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