Locations Proof of Concept: Checking concepts professionally and identifying optimization potentials

Major industrial projects are not only associated with high investments, but also have a central impact on the future competitiveness of a company. Especially in medium-sized companies, the success of a new factory or logistics center construction and a new factory and logistics planning is of existential importance.  A decisive key to project success lies in objectively evaluated planning of the project. A proven method for this is a proof of concept, which companies use to test their concepts and determine whether it is feasible as originally planned. Risks are minimized and the impact of critical project requirements is tested.

agiplan supports companies with a precise and neutral review of a concept that has already been developed. The focus is on the feasibility and completeness of the concept. Investments are secured by the proof of concept, risks are minimized and potentials are objectively estimated.

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Our services

  • Verification of the consideration of premises and planning bases
  • Evaluation of process quality
  • Assessment of the area layout with regard to the optimal execution of processes
  • Transparent and comprehensible presentation of results
  • Adaptation of the logistics concept or, if necessary and requested, development of an alternative variant

Your advantage

  • Securing planning from a process perspective
  • Investment security and validation of restructuring benefits
  • Risk minimization
  • 360 degree view through interdisciplinary teams of logistics consultants, production planners and industrial architects
  • Concept adjustments and alternative solution proposals can be developed immediately

The first prerequisite for checking process quality is comparison with the premises and planning bases: Do the planned processes correspond to the structures on site (order and article structure, movement data, inventory, IT landscape, etc.)? Do the processes meet the company's strategic project goals? To determine this, agiplan conducts workshops at the customer's site and performs a precise data analysis of the current situation.

The second look is at the planned area layout of the production or logistics facility: Are the individual functional units of the warehouse, logistics center or factory arranged in a way that optimizes their path and saves space, and do they meet the requirements? Finally, we carry out an evaluation of the site, the building structures and physical conditions and clarify whether the planned area layout of the facility can be optimally implemented on the factory site.

During a Proof of Concept , experts from the fields of logistics, digital excellence, production and industrial architecture work together in our teams to conduct an "inside-out" review of the entire plant structure, planned investment and project timeline. In a final presentation, we explain our findings in detail, point out any  necessary risk factors and point out further optimization potential.

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