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Operational Excellence Prozessoptimierung

Optimising companies along the value chain

In times of upheaval and radical transformation, what is the best way to achieve sustainable and effective interaction between the employees, processes and IT systems involved in a company?  What are the concrete ways to launch comprehensive operational excellence initiatives? A holistic approach is promising - especially when companies want to put digitalisation, process optimisation and cost savings into a wider context. In addition to a clear formulation of the strategy as a basic prerequisite, it is important to systemise different perspectives in and on the company - be it divisions, departments or employees - before processes are assessed and improved.

In keeping with our motto " gedacht.getan." (thought.done), agiplan relies on a consulting approach that clearly and unambiguously aims at a successful realisation. We blend our expertise gathered from decades of experience in production and logistics projects with our skills in IT consulting in accordance with the motto "First understand, then improve". Besides strategy workshops, we support our clients in the process mapping and evaluation as well as in the development of concrete optimisations. In cases of disruptive undertakings, we are also happy to take over the project communication for the employees.


The Operational Excellence Model of agiplan.

The Operational Excellence Model of agiplan.

Strengthen strengths and eliminate weaknesses

Streamlined logistics and production processes are key factors for the successful development of a company and thus an important goal of every operational excellence project. agiplan also focuses on all relevant work processes in the company in order to be able to continuously, sustainably and dynamically optimise along the value chain. Thus the agiplan experts from the Mülheim headquarters and the Stuttgart site are able to assist companies in leveraging unused potential and significantly increasing performance. Generally, success is not long in coming: Even with moderate investments, significant optimisations can be achieved after a short time.

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Process Optimisation in Production and Logistics

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Operational Excellence: First the analysis, then the process optimisation

We work on a methodically secure and field-proven terrain. For example: agiplan uses its own proprietary method, our V-model for measurable improvement of performance in production and logistics, to help you significantly reduce logistics costs. We identify cost drivers and define concrete areas of action that lead to a sustainable reduction of costs. As a result, you become more efficient and surpass your competitors.


V-Model for Operational Excellence

Our services have been used and continue to be used by many leading companies.


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