Processes and Systems Selection and implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems

Selecting and implementing the right ERP system is a major challenge for many companies. In order to be able to optimize company processes many times over and to make workflows more efficient, a careful and often complex selection and ERP introduction process must be guaranteed as a prerequisite.

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Our services

  • Process analysis & definition of target processes
  • Creation of a specification sheet as a basis for selection
  • In-depth ERP consulting: Standard solutions vs. individually programmed systems
  • Support in the tendering process, bid evaluation & award recommendation
  • Accompaniment of contract negotiations
  • Preparation of a realistic project plan for ERP implementation
  • Intensive tests and preliminary work before Go-Live
  • Interface coordination to all adjacent systems
  • Need-based employee training
  • Transparency and acceptance are increased through customized project communication

Your advantage

  • ERP selection tailored to the company's needs
  • Improvement of processes
  • Increase of added value
  • Vendor- and system-independent ERP consulting
  • Ensuring the master data quality at Go-Live
  • In-depth know-how of the IT systems industry
  • Assurance of project success

Translators between the process and IT worlds

A professional, methodical approach is essential to ensure that the investment in a new software system pays off in full. By presenting the current state of the process landscape, it is possible to identify opportunities for optimizing the structures already in place. As "translators" at the interface between the process and IT worlds, we advise companies in detail on the degree of the customization of ERP or WMS or MES solutions and support you in mapping the processes congruently both virtually and in reality.

IT Systems for Production and Logistics

Phase 1: Selection of the appropriate ERP software based on defined target processes.

At the beginning of the selection process in the ERP project is the question of the individual needs of each company. Here, it is important to identify relevant core processes that are to be improved with the help of the new ERP system. Although the new ERP software should ultimately map a large number of company processes, the focus is on a few success-critical requirements that make up the "company DNA". Based on the defined target processes and further requirements for the system as well as the service provider, agiplan creates an individually tailored specification based on a comprehensive framework, which serves as the basis for the selection. Depending on the design of the process landscape in the company, it can be advantageous on the one hand to introduce standard systems whose functionalities provide standard templates for optimized workflows. On the other hand, if the degree of individualization of the company's processes is higher, software customization through programming is often the best solution.

The selection of the system provider takes place in three steps: Based on experience and industry knowledge, agiplan first generates a pre-selection (long list), from which the project partners, in close coordination, determine the more concrete system houses to be considered for the tendering process (short list). During the tendering process, agiplan always supports its customers in an advisory capacity by accompanying the vendor presentations, evaluating the bids, and providing comprehensive final documentation and a final award recommendation. The result of phase 1 is an agreed contract with the appropriate system house and a realistic project plan up to Go-Live. We also provide support in onboarding the selected service provider and setting up a coordinated project organization.

Phase 2: Introduction of the new ERP system

During the ERP introduction of a new system, we support you as your ERP consultant both organizationally and in all technical aspects. At the start of phase 2, it is particularly important to agree on a binding project goal with all key users and to set deadlines and costs in a project plan. During the fine specification of the system by the system provider, we check whether all requirements from the specifications are implemented. At the same time, we act as "translators" at the interface between the process world and the IT world and help to congruently map the process landscape virtually in the system as well as in reality. The basic rule for the test phase is: Too much testing is just enough. In most cases, the duration and effort of these project phases are underestimated. agiplan ensures that all tests are carried out thoroughly and errors are consistently eliminated by providing comprehensive schematics as well as documentation and evaluation of results. In addition, agiplan's consultants support the company's key users, because intelligent software requires competent users.

Once the go-live has been achieved, this does not mean that all systems are already performing at their full capacity. agiplan does not finalize an ERP project until there are no more questions left unanswered. Even in the post-go-live phase, agiplan is there to support its clients: We design metrics to determine the maturity and usage of the system (Is there still a need for training? How do employees feel about using the system? To what extent have process times changed? etc.), enforce warranty claims against the system provider, and implement further optimization measures as needed.

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