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With professional logistics planning, companies increase their added value many times over. The alignment of material flows, the optimization of logistics processes and the customer-specific selection of logistics systems are the key levers for improving a company's logistics performance. In particular, we increase our customers' efficiency with our comprehensive consulting on individual automation solutions that are tailored to target processes. That's because: If the logistics processes in the company function smoothly and efficiently, an increase in the performance of other company areas such as production and distribution can also be achieved.

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Our services

  • Material flow analysis and process design
  • Selection of logistics systems and warehouse technology
  • Consulting on the introduction of suitable logistics IT and order processing systems
  • Consulting for demand-oriented automation
  • Personnel calculation, layout planning, planning of investment and operating costs

Your advantage

  • Well-founded derivation of system selection from process analysis, material flow planning and profitability analysis
  • Many years of experience with projects of all sizes in numerous industries
  • Individually tailored logistics concepts

Intralogistics, as a decisive success factor for the value creation of a company, is subject to the requirement to function stably and to supply the operational areas within a company with materials and goods quickly and in line with demand. No matter whether the product portfolio varies, customer demand fluctuates or the market changes. If intralogistics is weakened and processes run sluggishly, e.g. due to historically grown structures, this inhibits production and thus the performance of a company. Since our logistics planning incorporates empirical values and benchmarks from more than 6,000 implemented projects for various company sizes and industries, we can offer our customers proven and competitive solutions.

Our approach: Intelligent control of material flows, improved processes

The starting point for our planning is the basic analysis of company-specific premises (structural framework conditions, planning horizon, sales, product range, order structure, working hours, inventory, peak load factor, etc.) and intralogistic core data (article structure, LHM data, movement data in the warehouse, inventories, orders, etc.).

On the basis of the target processes, we undertake the planning of logistics systems, including storage and picking systems as well as conveyor technology and transport systems. The selection is based, among other things, on performance, area capacity or the number of storage locations as well as the flexibility of the systems to react to changing situations. In this course we check the potentials for the use of automation technology, e.g. Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) or systems for manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic order picking. Also the introduction of the appropriate logistics IT (e.g. warehouse management system, material flow control, etc.) is also an important factor for high-performance intralogistics. To meet our demands for planning depth, we list the requirements for technology, equipment and IT individually for each functional area. At the end, we summarize the planned logistics systems in a logistics concept, on the basis of which the further planning steps such as personnel calculation, layout planning and, finally, the statement of investments and operating costs are carried out.

agiplan methodology: Directed material flows, the design of logistics processes and an optimal system selection of technical equipment are the focus of logistics planning.

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