Processes and Systems Improving processes and structures with operations analysis

To ensure efficiency in the company, processes and structures should be regularly reviewed and optimized. In day-to-day business, however, there is a risk that, due to scarce personnel resources and limited methodological knowledge, process analyses will only selectively examine those unprofitable processes that are suspected of being critical. This results in a lack of an objective overall picture and a focused view of previously undiscovered optimization potential in companies.

With the Operations Analysis, agiplan bundles its decades of experience and extensive knowledge from industrial consulting. The agiplan Operations Analysis has been specially tailored to the requirements of production, logistics and industrial architecture. In this way, the analysis of processes provides comprehensive answers to complex questions in a short period of time:

After the inventory and process analysis, identified problems and challenges are transformed into concretely named potentials in a cost-saving manner within the company.

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Our services

  • Standardized and cross-departmental stocktaking of the current situation
  • Potential analysis and evaluation with regard to effort and benefit
  • Basis for project assignments and CIP projects
  • Well-founded and independent consulting of the highest quality

Your advantage

  • Transparent and close cooperation with us as an interdisciplinary partner and consultant
  • Analysis and evaluation in only 3 days
  • Overall view of potentials
  • Benchmark placement
  • Clearly defined quick wins

Optimizations in close cooperation with the client

While we use our know-how to record the current situation and evaluate the optimization potential, close cooperation with the client is a top priority for agiplan. Through intensive cooperation with employees in open dialogs and workshops, we strengthen the acceptance of the solution approaches and accelerate the implementation of these solutions.

Approach to agiplan's Operations Analysis


In just three days, agiplan's Operations Analysis and Lean Management make it possible to bring together efficiency improvements in processes in production and logistics, as well as optimization opportunities in industrial architecture, and structure them for holistic implementation. After process analyses and evaluations, we compile the identified potentials for you in an overall overview. This overview serves as a template for you to sustainably implement internal CIP and follow-up projects. In this way, you lay the foundation for future plant structure planning, digitization and automation approaches, and further operational excellence projects.

The presentation of potentials according to effort and benefit within the scope of the operations analysis

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