Processes and Systems Optimization of Order-to-Delivery Processes

Flexibility, high delivery reliability and short delivery times are a significant competitive factor for manufacturing companies today. To achieve this, not only the core processes but also the processes in the indirect areas must be designed to meet current market requirements. In particular, the production-related business processes in the customer-to-customer process have a massive influence on the entire value chain. We support you in exploiting this potential and making your processes more efficient – for increased performance and lower costs.

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Our services

  • Process Analysis: Thorough stocktaking of the current situation
  • Value stream analysis, material flow analysis, inventory analysis, employee interviews, etc.
  • Process Modeling: Development of target processes in close coordination with our clients

Your advantage

  • Lean processes for more added value
  • Saving of resources – less waste (Lean Management)
  • Efficient processes as a starting point for the introduction of automation technology and digitization measures

We also eliminate weaknesses at the interfaces between and in the areas of internal and external sales, work preparation, production planning and control, through to purchasing and accounting. Unclear or strong division of labor, duplication or multiple work due to frequent queries as well as missing data or incompatible technologies slow down workflows. We ensure market-driven throughput times from order to delivery and invoicing through holistic process thinking.

Optimization of Order-to-Delivery Processes: agiplan's performance process chain.


Core processes: Streamlining logistics and product creation = reducing costs

If workflows in production and logistics mesh sensibly and without waste, valuable resources can already be saved and costs reduced as a result. In addition, efficiently designed processes can be further improved with the help of automation and digitization technology, creating new long-term savings potential. This applies to material transports as well as warehousing or order picking. If there is a lack of process efficiency, if inventories in the warehouse are too high, transport routes are too long or relevant information cannot be retrieved in time, companies incur unnecessary and sometimes enormous cost blocks that ultimately reduce the company's success. Rapid improvements can often be achieved with just a small investment. The prerequisite for this is an exact analysis of the cost structures in the area of logistics, on the basis of which optimization potentials can be identified.

Using a method developed in-house, the V-Model for measurable improvement of performance in production and logistics, agiplan supports companies in optimizing their logistics costs. We identify relevant cost drivers and derive fields of action that lead to long-term cost reductions. In this way, companies can build competitive advantages through increased efficiency and lean cost structures.

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