Processes and Systems Selection and introduction of Warehouse Management Systems (WMS)

WMS offer a high optimization potential in logistics and thus enormous opportunities for cost savings as well as for improving service and quality. When choosing a WMS, however, companies should proceed carefully to ensure that they ultimately benefit from their investment. Modern warehouse management systems are characterized by a wide range of functions that are tailored to the individual needs of companies. Currently, more than 100 solutions are offered in Germany alone. In addition to the basic systems, a large number of modules and extensions exist for specific industries or warehouse types. Modular "app-based" systems are, on the one hand, a good alternative to larger systems.  On the other hand, they offer the possibility of taking future trends and developments in warehouse management processes into account through modular expansion.

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Our services

  • Process Analysis & Definition of Target Processes
  • Creation of a specification sheet as a basis for selection
  • In-depth WMS consulting: Standard solutions vs. individually programmed systems
  • Support in the tendering process, bid evaluation & award recommendation
  • Accompaniment of contract negotiations
  • Creation of a realistic project plan for the introduction of the Warehouse Management System
  • Intensive tests and support of the live start
  • Interface coordination to all adjacent systems
  • Need-based employee training
  • Customized project communication for more transparency and acceptance

Your advantage

  • WMS selection based on individual company requirements
  • Process optimization
  • Increase of added value
  • In-depth know-how of the IT systems industry
  • Manufacturer neutral and independent WMS consulting
  • Realization of the project on time and within budget

New requirements for Warehouse Management Systems have changed the system landscape

The requirements for Warehouse Management Systems have changed significantly in recent years and with them the functional scope of the individual systems. Big Data, real-time analyses or digital technologies such as drones, driverless transport systems and mobile devices bring new potential for modern warehouse logistics. At the same time, fluctuating call-off figures and shorter delivery times, caused by e-commerce among other things, place increased demands on flexible Warehouse Management. Accordingly, the software offered for Warehouse Management Systems today features a wide range of functions to meet the individual needs of warehousing and production operations.

In addition to functionality, compatibility with other systems is also a criterion when selecting a WMS. Most companies have already established an IT system landscape into which the Warehouse Management System is to be integrated while also taking into account all upstream and downstream process stages. Depending on which functions the already existing system structure takes over, there are different variants for the integration of a Warehouse Management Software.


Selection and implementation of a Warehouse Management System in two phases.

Selection of a WMS on the basis of defined logistics target processes

When considering which is the right Warehouse Management System with the tailored functions for a company, the following is so often true in logistics: The better a company knows and can formulate its own requirements and wishes (e.g. basic data, material flow, processes, IT system landscape), the better the selection will be. agiplan supports its customers in this process. The starting point is always the core processes in the company that are to be mapped and optimized by the WMS. Depending on the design of the process landscape in the company, it can be advantageous to introduce standard systems whose functionalities provide standard templates for optimized workflows. In the case of a higher degree of individualization of the company processes, software customization through programming is often the best solution.

Once target processes and system requirements have been defined, we prepare individually tailored specifications as the basis for a pre-selection of system houses that are invited to tender. Thanks to our many years of knowledge of the industry, we are able to submit suitable proposals for project partners to our customers. In doing so, we always provide independent and vendor-neutral advice.

Technical and organizational support during system introduction

The phase of the introduction of the Warehouse Management System includes on the one hand organizational services, such as the coordination of a time and cost frame as well as the creation of a corresponding project plan with contact persons and milestones. On the other hand, we take on technical tasks: We act as "translators" at the interface between the process and IT worlds and help to map the process landscape congruently virtually in the system as well as in reality. We also check whether all requirements are implemented by the system partner. Finally, we accompany the test phase, which is documented by us in detail.

Finally, we make preparations for the Go-Live and complement this with internal communication measures, among other things. In the Post-Go-Live phase, we measure the success (e.g.  change in process times, functionality of the system, further training requirements for the users) and make further adjustments as needed.

Procedure for creating an IT system map.

agiplan as translator between the process and IT worlds

Your agiplan advantage: As "translators" at the interface between the process and IT worlds, we provide companies with in-depth advice on the degree of customization of ERP and WMS solutions and support them in mapping processes identically both virtually and in operational reality.

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