Public Management development of innovation centres

Generating regional innovations, attracting skilled workers and remaining competitive

Sustainable innovations can only succeed through exchange. To survive in the competition for skilled workers and customers, close cooperation between corporations, SMEs, startups and scientific institutions is essential in order to jointly conceive and design new products and processes in projects. The working method and attitude corresponds to the agile culture of many start-ups: Just do it, while continuously optimizing - instead of planning for the long term. New methods and products are first tried out and if the project should fail - at the stage of manageable investments - it is made better at the next attempt with the knowledge gained.

The secret of success of this approach lies not only in agility, but rather in the different perspectives, cultures and levels of knowledge that flow into such multi-stakeholder projects. Medium-sized companies, for example, impress with their proximity to customers and highly specialized know-how, while global corporations match their experience in market access with the knowledge of innovative products and processes of start-ups. Advanced knowledge of solutions transfers research to industry.

We define innovation centers as infrastructures that help to increase regional value creation, knowledge transfer and networking. These can be designed in different ways and offer different content focuses as well as services. Examples include competence centers, technology and start-up centers, hubs, labs, maker spaces and similar facilities.

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Our services

  • Location analysis (regional analysis, stakeholder analysis)
  • Market and demand analysis
  • Development of governance structures
  • Benchmark analysis (best practice and lessons learned)
  • Development of mission statement
  • Development and support of funding projects
  • Communication and moderation

Your advantage

  • Variety of current, resilient references across the board: Feasibility studies, concept development, implementation projects, funding projects.
  • Close to the business community as well as the public sector
  • agiplan advises companies, regions and administrations on their respective digitization strategies and projects
  • Know-how from the field: Through our subsidiary ECM, we ourselves operate the Mittelstand-Digital Zentrum Ruhr-OWL as well as the Digital Hub Logistics.
  • Cross-industry know-how: From the Center for Innovative Wood Construction to the Mittelstand 4.0 Competence Center, a Textile Center and the RailCampus OWL with its focus on intelligent rail systems.

Many years of practical experience in the development of innovation centers

agiplan has many years of experience in the development of innovation centers, from feasibility studies to implementation - across all industries. We take a close look at the local conditions and interests and examine the extent to which the development potential of the project can be assessed. To do this, we are guided by various test aspects and look closely at how unique selling points are pronounced.

For example: Is there a clear statement on the structure or content orientation of the facility?  Is there to be empowerment, cooperation, testing, teaching or the like on site? Is there a need for local exchange as well as projects on specific topics?  Is there at least one central initiator from business or science who supports and drives the project?

Test aspects for the successful realization of innovation centers

Develop innovation centers sustainably


We pursue various sustainable development goals in the design and implementation of innovation centers, depending on the thematic focus of the facility.

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