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Supply chain management plays a central role in achieving business and growth targets. It is therefore essential to consistently align the supply chain with the overall business strategy and market demands.

Our goal in supply chain consulting is not the isolated optimisation of individual functional areas, but an ideally coordinated overall system. Only through the perfect interaction of production network, logistics and production processes can maximum performance be achieved. If suppliers, production partners and clients can be included in the solutions, the foundations for sustainable corporate success are laid.

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Selection and Implementation of SCM Software

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Supply Chain Optimisation

Many clients ask themselves: How do we achieve the optimum be-tween costs, inventories, processing times, responsiveness and deliv-erability? To ensure that the supply chain remains a continuous source of competitive advantages for our clients, agiplan strengthens its supply chain consulting and opts for a holistic approach: We in-clude the strategic basics in our consulting services as well as the op-erational level and always keep an eye on the costs incurred in addi-tion to efficiency.

agiplan understands supply chain consulting as an integrated disci-pline, in which the leanest possible value chains interlock smoothly - always taking into account the arising risks and opportunities.
Our services have been used and continue to be used by many leading companies.

Our services have been used and continue to be used by many leading companies.

Production Footprint and Supply Chain Design

An example of the strategic approach of our supply chain consulting: agiplan assists clients in making their value network efficient. The production footprint is based on a multitude of strategic decisions and should be given careful consideration. agiplan monitors the per-formance of existing value chains and develops different variants for optimisation.

Supply Chain Design


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