Contract and claim management

Contract and claim management

Identify weaknesses, prevent problems

Avoiding common contract errors, preventing breaches of contract

Contracts as part of projects with customers, suppliers, service providers and partners often contain weaknesses that impede and affect the project implementation (potential breaches of contract). Our experts help to identify these weaknesses and rectify the defaults in performance.

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agiplan’s services

  • We review contracts and assist in the drafting and customisation of contract documents
  • We identify and assess weaknesses and risks in contracts
  • We help you to minimise the effects of defaults
  • We assist in defending customer and supplier claims, and in the formulation and enforcement of your own claims

Reasons for weaknesses include, for example, regulatory deficits or regulation contents on which the contract parties have different views. Our contract management highlights the potential defaults in existing contracts.

When preparing contracts as part of the project, we point out risks and actively support the contract design and negotiation. When identifying and assessing weaknesses in contracts, we rely on our team's long-standing project management experience, the broad range of sectors of our projects, special contract and claim projects, contract checklists and risk analysis methods.

Claim management for improved results

If defaults evolve from breaches of the contract, this often leads to permanent deviations from the service, schedule and cost objectives. Non-performance, hold-ups, delays and reduced performance need to be professionally managed to ensure that they do not affect the success of the project.

We are responsible for assessing the claim potential of defaults as they occur, to draft the bases for claims, to review the effects of the defaults, to defend passive claims, and to develop, formulate and enforce active claims.

The combination and integration of contract, risk and claim management is the best strategy to avoid deviating from the project objectives. Here we act quickly to affect the contract design and negotiations, we analyse and manage the risks related to the processing of the contract, and we proactively draft the claims.

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Frank Olaf Eichler

Frank Olaf Eichler

Senior Projectmanager