Ex-ante evaluation of financial instruments

Development and implementation of the financial instruments of the EU Structural Funds

In the new EU funding period, financial instruments will be increasingly deployed in order to use the available resources economically and efficiently. The implementation requires an ex-ante evaluation of the financial instruments.

Ex-ante evaluation of financial instruments

At a glance

  • The EU stipulates clear demands on the quality and implementation of financial instruments.
  • Instruments must be adapted to the country and target group-specific needs.
  • Those who combine the interests of politics and economy with the requirements of the EU early on ensure predictability and increased efficiency and effectiveness.
  • A plausible and meaningful evaluation is possible with the right combination of methods.

The planned financial instruments should be evaluated in terms of their applicability and usefulness for the promotion of strategic development objectives in the addressed policies and action fields.

The predefined evaluation steps involve depicting the market weakness, an assessment of added value, consistency and leverage effects. The central component hereby is the needs analysis.

We use the EU's comprehensive analysis requirements to adjust the financial instruments together with you early on to achieve the biggest possible benefit for politics, economy and the EU.

The interests of all parties are consolidated

The financial instruments must primarily reach the funding recipients. Funds should flow out on schedule and as completely as possible.

At the same time, the investment strategy should encourage selected capital market participants to participate in order to maximise the necessary leverage effects.

The interests of both beneficiaries and company founders (small business) entrepreneurs and local authorities as well as co-financiers such as financial institutions and corporations must be weighed and consolidated.

Our services

Benefit from our experience with funding agencies, borrowers and administrators as well as our capital market knowledge, which we combine to create the biggest possible added value for you.

Based on our extensive portfolio of quantitative and qualitative methods, we design an appropriate blend of methods for you:

on the basis of data analyses, business surveys, expert interviews and workshops, we bundle the knowledge required to develop an effective financial instrument and prepare the smoothest possible implementation.