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Select the territory and economic region according to company-specific characteristics

For a greenfield solution and the right geographic location, agiplan narrows down the target area and chooses from suitable countries, regions and economic areas. Then inquiries are made as well as a preselection. In this way, you can make a hedged decision concerning your new property.

From site search to property selection

Finding the ideal greenfield solution with agiplan

  • Creation of a requirement profile and ranking of criteria
  • Pre-selection of countries and economic regions
  • Review of investment, personnel and logistics costs, as well as skilled workforce
  • Location and property alternatives
  • Due diligence and contract management

 For greenfield solutions, the choice of the geographic location is as important as the choice of the property itself. The exact requirements profile results from the strategic company corporate objectives. Based on this, agiplan creates an individual ranking of factors, such as availability of skilled workers, personnel costs, transportation infrastructure, subsidies, and so ona. By means of evaluation of the investment climate and the political framework, as well as a simulation of the logistics costs, the target area for the new location is narrowed. Subsequently, the countries, regions and economic areas that are worth considering are selected.

Hedged decision for a property 

In the next step, requests for properties are placed, offers are evaluated and a pre-selection is made. For the final evaluation, agiplan builds up a comprehensive cost and investment model for each alternative. It details the non-recurring costs and investment costs, as well as subsidies. Upon request, agiplan assists in due diligence, contract design and negotiation. A plan of action and rough time planning show a realistic way to realise the greenfield solution.