Gauging and managing structural funds

Monitoring and controlling systems for operational programmes

The administration and control of EU supported structural funds have become even more demanding in the new funding period (2014 to 2020). The new focus is on results. For this reason, it is vital that programmes are controlled efficiently.

Gauging and managing structural funds

agiplan's services

  • We offer double control: of content and financing.
  • With the right instruments, you can keep track of everything, day after day.
  • We develop specific recommendations for action.
  • In total: smooth control, optimum use of resources, best possible achievement of targets

It's like manoeuvring a tanker. Any deviations from the set course have to be recognised early on, in order to take the appropriate countermeasures. Made-to-measure monitoring and controlling of operational programmes is like a satnav for public authorities and beneficiaries.

Precision landing for the distribution of funds

The aim is to ensure the distribution of funds is controlled as accurately as possible. In this regard, the volume has to have been exhausted in an optimum manner by the end of the programme in order to achieve the maximum possible benefit.

At any rate, reserve capacities must be safeguarded. Despite the fact that the n+3 rule now applies for decommitment, adhering to it is nonetheless not always an easy task!

To keep an overview of finances, programme management needs to be updated on a daily basis wherever possible. Modern IT resources and a database system are absolutely vital for this.

Overview of contents and results

Precise instruments are also needed with regard to content. Particularly to attain reserve capacities. We gauge the progress of each individual project from a quality management point of view, and aggregate the results on priority axes and a project level.

We also provide instruments for monitoring the socio-economic environment.

Programme control and forecast

agiplan places highly efficient tools for programme control at your disposal. We'll also be happy to develop any necessary forecasting tools according to your requirements. To answer questions such as:

  • Is the allocation status acceptable with regard to the programme and the budget?
  • Or, which projects within the approved finance plan are not running to schedule?

Where things are developing negatively, we offer specific recommendations for action.

In the adjustment of procedures and regulations, for example. If decommitment seems imminent, we identify the questionable projects, in order to prepare talks with specialists, the granting authorities and the beneficiaries. We also conduct these talks where required.

The aim is consistently to pinpoint difficulties early on and work together with all involved to find solutions.