High-value production site planning

Creating a high-value production site with agiplan

Creating lasting values for production sites with agiplan

A new production site should make your company more competitive, profitable and innovative, and make your employees more motivated. That's the essence of the task, and the claim to which we feel committed.

High-value production site planning

High-value production site planning...

  • ... creates production sites with added value
  • ... is an investment in value creation
  • ... unites production, logistics, architecture and project management
  • ... makes complexity controllable and keeps a tight rein on time and costs
  • ... is dialogue and communication

agiplan has been involved in the creation of production sites around the world since 1961. We act as advisors, planners, architects and project managers. For our clients, building a production site is a milestone in their company history. For us, it's our passion and motivation in our everyday work.

Here at agiplan, we call our work "high-value production site planning".

Excellent value creation, low running costs, efficient use of resources, short production times and the ability to change and grow: that's what the modern production site needs. The key to economic success lies in the planning phase, long before production actually begins. If mistakes are made here, the production site will pay the price - every hour, every shift, every day.

That's why every thought, every step and every idea that is invested before building commences pays huge dividends later, throughout the life-cycle of the production site. We know this from experience.

The value of a production site is created in the planning phase - through high-value production site planning.

Here at agiplan, we plan production sites from the inside out. This means that we begin with production and logistics, but also keep our eye on architecture right from the start. The inner processes are essential for value creation. This is where the logistic processes on paper become real transport routes, where the layout becomes actual workplaces, and where communication concepts become data lines and industrial data collection stations.

The architecture of the buildings follows the functions, giving them the room they need and transparent structures. And project management is the planning headquarters for the perfect interplay of production and logistics in the new architecture of the factory building.

In high-value production site planning, four key components complement each other.

When a new production site is built, there are often 50, 100 or more internal and external persons, companies and public authorities involved. Hardly any of these people are networked with each other. Coordinating this complex framework is an exceptional challenge for those contracting the building. Especially considering that production has to proceed full steam ahead - because markets, customers and competitors never sleep.

During the planning phase, agiplan offers the company its full support. As a single point of contact for all involved, agiplan has its eye on all deadlines, and knows who should be doing what, and when. This enables you to rest assured that your production site will be finished to schedule and within the given budget.

High-value production site planning makes complexity controllable.

A new production site is a company's future. For the employees, it's the daily work environment, the roof over the company culture. For entrepreneurs, it's a business card. It's a building for people, something with which they identify, a harmonious blend of value-creating production and functional aesthetics.

For our team of advisers, planners, architects and project managers, it's a responsible task, not a run-of-the-mill solution. The individual company goals are the basis on which we work.

We're your temporary partner with the common goal of creating an innovative production site of lasting value!