Managing projects through all stages with focus on the objectives

agiplan integrated project management

At the beginning set the course for the best possible implementation

Plan projects ahead. Structure complex tasks. Create a common understanding of the project among all participants from the outset - these are the key components of agiplan's integrated project management.

Managing projects through all stages with focus on the objectives

agiplan’s services

  • Integration of different disciplines through certified project managers
  • Project organisation development and management (representative role for the client)
  • Project structuring and definition of the work packages
  • Integrated control and monitoring (Plan-Do-Check-Act) of dates, costs and quality
  • Professional project communication, documentation and facilitation

The goals are technically optimal planning and perfect implementation. Especially during the early stage of a project it is possible to set the course to this effect in terms of organisation, structure, risks and opportunities.

At the same time, integrated project management directs the focus to three crucial factors: Dates, costs and quality. Owing to agiplan's expertise, clients are guaranteed permanent control in all three areas.

Control of dates, costs and quality

Control tools we use include those for milestone trend analyses, budget tracking, quality gates concepts and earned value analyses. Thanks to the consistent application of the Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle, deviations from the plan can thus be detected at an early stage. We then need to focus on countermeasures and escalation management.

Auditable documentation and reporting for the management also ensure transparency throughout the course of the project. As a result, the actions of all project participants are synchronised at all times. In this way - and through discipline interface management - agiplan is able to achieve target-driven project management with above-average results. Naturally, on time and on budget.