Prioritising and managing R&D projects

Project portfolio management for SMEs

Which idea will become a R&D project?

Project portfolio management (PPM) makes R&D projects manageable and transparent according to clear criteria. The agiplan project managers design individual PPM tools and assist with their implementation.

Prioritising and managing R&D projects

Project portfolio management for SMEs

  • Clear prioritisation of R&D projects, in line with the corporate objectives.
  • Efficient classification of available resources and budgets.
  • Transparency in terms of project progression and status thanks to targeted documentation.
  • Clear abort criteria to avoid dead ends and waste.

SMEs often face a dilemma: they are lucky that there are a number of good ideas for development projects, but the R&D capacities are fully exploited.

How is it possible to select the "right" projects?

This is ensured by the introduction of project portfolio management (PPM): PPM enables the management to prioritise projects according to clear procedures and to distribute capacities, budgets and resources in such a way that they efficiently lead to the desired goal, or that a project is aborted according to clear criteria.

Standards lead to comparability and informed decisions

PPM must set standards (e.g. for reports, reviews and documentation), yet also be flexible. After all, the result of a development project is inherently open, e.g. because customer requests need to be taken into consideration.

If the changes and decisions are well documented throughout, PPM becomes an indispensable controlling and reporting tool for the management.

agiplan's approach

First, agiplan analyses the processes in a company's typical development projects. Then standardisations are agreed with all involved parties, and weaknesses in the processes are removed. Decision-making, organisational and role concepts are defined in line with the corporate objectives.

Capacity, schedule and cost planning is set up in accordance with project management standards. agiplan provides support in the IT implementation and ensures that the portfolio management is stabilised in the daily operations.