Risk Management in Projects

We ensure that you master your project and not vice versa

Not all events and operations of a project can be planned. Our knowledge will help you to be aware and control risks. Through our work, by minimizing the likelihood and impact, potential threats become success factors of your project.

Risk Management in Projects

Know and classify risks and successfully counteract

  • We identify and qualify the project risks
  • In the risk-portfolio probabilities and span lengths are listed
  • Our project managers initiate countermeasures
  • Situation-analyzes evaluate cost and impact of control

Even a project-report prepared by experienced project planners needs adjustments and changes in schedules and costs. Not all events and conditions that affect the course of the project can be planned. We have the know-how and the tools to control project risks. Our risk managers identify and qualify the risks before starting and during the term. For this they rely on tools such as the types of risk agiplan catalog. Of course, they also consider the specific experiences of your team. Subsequently, the risks according to the respective probability and consequences are evaluated.

Qualify and manage risks

Our work is to minimize the probability and impact of risks. We pay attention to the balance between the effect and cost of risk countermeasures. Situation-analyzes facilitate the decision as to which measures are particularly efficient. The risk portfolio changes in risk-exposure is visible (see chart).

Making opportunities from risks

Especially international projects, such as the construction of a new production facility abroad, are often threatened by risks, such as cultural differences, ignorance of local law or different interpretation of contracts. For such projects agiplan developed approaches so that the potential threats become success factors for the project. For example by the proper composition of the project team, the inclusion of contract experts and the integration of the country-experienced planning partners.