Smart Urban Logistics

Logistics for towns and local authorities

Car drivers are faced with the reality every day: traffic systems are at breaking point. Towns and cities all over the world want to know how to make traffic flow better, move goods around better and bundle delivery processes. And reduce their carbon footprint at the same time. And, of course, the solution has to be affordable.

Smart Urban Logistics

agiplan's services

  • Models, strategies and concepts for climate-friendly and sustainable urban solutions for commercial traffic
  • Feasibility studies on mobility concepts in towns and urban areas
  • Benchmarks for environmentally effective mobility measures in urban Areas
  • Technology scenarios for the public transport of the future

Everyone knows that new technology alone is not sufficient. Networking, cooperation and dialogue between citizens and politics are the key. Those who work on future mobility aim to create sustainable, efficient and attractive living spaces, and help shape the towns and cities of the future.

agiplan administers the largest German research and innovation cluster for efficient logistics, the "EffizienzCluster LogistikRuhr" (Ruhr region logistics efficiency cluster). This is where solutions are being developed which will soon be ready for the market. Cities and local authorities can prepare themselves for the future in an optimum manner using the right development horizon. We'll give you the advice you need.

Example: eBase4Mobility

Inner-city areas are already overloaded today. Using existing areas intelligently can help reduce the load. Urban areas need new concepts for the delivery of goods and for parked traffic. The new eBase4Mobility is a multi-functional car park and storage area.

It's modular in design, saves ground space, is semi-automated and features charging and changing stations for electric vehicles. It also features a hub for parcel deliveries, car sharing, taxis, nursing services and residents.

Example: Urban Retail Logistics

Online trade is booming. As a result, more and more delivery services are out on the road. Individual customer wishes, and infrastructures at breaking point, call for innovative concepts for inner-city distribution.

Urban Retail Logistics is more than simply a high-tech warehouse. It's an infrastructure which can be used by multiple service providers. In other words, online department stores, warehouses, communication platforms and delivery services grow together. Competitors cooperate and become partners.

Getting local authorities in shape for tomorrow's logistics

Together with public authorities, examples are turned into actual solutions. For efficient, clean cities. Developments in the world of logistics are highly dynamic. And solutions for infrastructures take time.

Basically, it's always about starting early to win over important decision makers from the worlds of politic, public administration, industry, trade and the local community to a common goal - and this applies in particular to the development of mobility concepts.

We offer advice and support with the framework conditions - subsidies, for example, or converting the use of land, or integrating the flow of goods in traffic infrastructures and living spaces.