Start-up management for production and new factories

Project management from prototype to ridgeline

An early breakeven with high delivery reliability and product quality is the ultimate goal when starting up a new production line or factory. It is therefore only logical to also regard this process from an economic point of view. With project management by agiplan you are guaranteed to finish on time and on budget.

Start-up management for production and new factories

agiplan's services

  • Support and preparation with start-up, development of the start-up organisation.
  • Synchronisation of the start-up curve with product and process development, SCM, plant commissioning and staff qualification.
  • Integration of suppliers and production partners.
  • Phase-out management: Adjustment of stocks and production capacities.

Professional start-up management ensures the capacity to deliver on schedule and achieves smoother series production faster. At the same time, stocks and production capacities are adjusted as the obsolete product is phased out.

Synchronisation of the company's own team with the supplier network

Start-up ideally starts in the early stages of product development: The manufacturing facilities are planned in parallel. As soon as the first functional models are ready, Purchasing and Quality Control select the suppliers. A short time later, logistic specialists build the supply chains. The plant assembly, commissioning, handover and service level at ramp-up must be coordinated with the plant supplier.

Rapid attainment of stable processes

To attain the conditions to produce in-spec parts early on, the technical side of production must run perfectly. The start of production (SOP) also depends to a large extent on the organisation: processes must be developed, the organisational structure established, and staff selected and trained. The more efficiently a company can master these learning curves, the faster stable processes can be attained.

It must be noted that an SOP or production start-up requires significant capacities and always carries risks. The agiplan project managers ensure that all quality gates are passed in view of dates, costs and performance. They thus relieve the company's core team in matters pertaining to the day-to-day business.