Economy 4.0 for regions

Economy 4.0 for regions

How Industry 4.0-ready is my location?

Recognising and seizing the opportunities of Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is much more than just a good internet connection. Now it is important to detect the needs for action and to implement possibilities. In this way regions can establish a basis for a new kind of economy.  

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Support for the local economy on its way to Industry 4.0

  • Industry 4.0 is more than digitalisation and broadband connection
  • Anyone that does not take action now will fall behind
  • Together, we develop a portfolio of measures to prepare your location for Industry 4.0

We must react in a flexible and solution-orientated way to the demand and, at the same time, involve a new value chain and act in new markets – all this is possible with Industry 4.0. The main goal is an individual product that is tailored exactly to the needs of the customer. Objects and products should participate in their production and usage, or should even control these themselves.  

"Such trends have to be detected and implemented. The main questions that regions and companies have to ask themselves should be, ‘What do I gain from digitalisation and networking? What chances and risks are there? What do I have to do in order to prepare my region for industry 4.0?," says Denise Wolter from agiplan.  

The Industry 4.0 check analyses and detects the need for action  

The first step towards Industry 4.0 is a good internet connection (broadband). But simply paying attention to the infrastructure is not sufficient: it is recommended that one get to know the profile of the regional economy and perform an Industry 4.0 check, where both the supply side and the demand side are observed. For example, in which technological segments is the location well positioned? Which new business areas are opening up?  

For this analysis, agiplan is referring to existing approaches and strategies to analyse your sector portfolio with the help of the key factors of Industry 4.0 (skilled workers, hidden champions, infrastructure, research, technology, etc.).  

We prepare the results individually for your economic sector by using a scenario analysis. In this way, we find out which branches are already well positioned with regard to Industry 4.0 and can be marketed as a good example, as well as where there is still need for action.  

"If small- and medium-sized enterprises should play an active role and follow the pioneers, economic developers have to become small competence centres for Industry 4.0, that must connect, initiate and provide support for key projects," states Denise Wolter.  




Nomo Braun

Nomo Braun

Senior Consultant