Integration of new Machinery and Technology

Integration of new Machinery and Technology

Advantages of Professional Integration Management

Integration of New Machinery Done Right

In order to increase the overall productivity, it is not enough to only invest in new machinery and equipment. Moreover the new machines must fit perfectly into the overall shop floor environment.


  • Shorter Ramp-Up times
  • Higher return on investment
  • Increased productivity
  • Higher profits realized by optimized material flow and logistics
  • Exploitation of the entire equipment potential in functionality and performance

The shop floor area in manufacturing facilities is a complex network of interdependent processes. In many cases, improper machine integration can lead to an equipment efficiency of less than 60%, which remains unnoticed and unchanged.

Other consequences are: Delays in material or production delivery; missing tools, breakdowns and long repair times, unnecessary order changes or too long changeover times.

This is why it is crucial to have a professional integration management team involved.

The Fields of Action to Maximize Productivity

The focus in optimizing productivity is on the design of the links and interfaces of new equipment.

The first steps are the integration into material flow and logistics, and the production scheduling. All actions must be adapted towards a new overall production system to avoid mistakes, bottlenecks and interruptions.

Secondly, spare part management, operator qualification, process and work instructions must be considered.

Last but not least the integration into the IT-systems is mandatory to enable full functionality of data logging and performance monitoring.

The Straight Way to High Performance: Professional Implementation Support

To ensure outstanding productivity from day one, it is much better to optimize in advance, because improvements during operation are difficult.

All technical requirements have to be reviewed and specifications based on technical analysis will be implemented into the masterplan. During the delivery time of the new equipment, the redesign of the infrastructure, changes in organization, qualification plans and a detailed move-in plan are completed.

Thanks to 50 years of experience in manufacturing optimization, agiplan is your partner for the seamless integration and ramp-up of new equipment.

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