Outsourcing logistics

Outsourcing logistics

Make or Buy? Chance or risk?

Outsource logistics or optimise in-house operations?

Meticulous planning must always precede a decision to "make or buy" with regard to outsourcing logistics. The approach taken by agiplan makes all processes transparent, and culminates in a well-founded decision.

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Dr. Udo Riedesel

Dr. Udo Riedesel Head of Logistics

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At a glance

  • Outsourcing can cut costs, increase efficiency and improve quality.
  • Clarity with regard to all processes and a detailed profile of requirements form the basis for the decision-making process.
  • Frequently, optimising existing structures is the better option.
  • Regardless of what final decision is made: a detailed analysis always pinpoints areas where there is potential for improvement

At times, industrial companies are pushed to their limits when it comes to logistics. This happens to medium sized companies and major players alike. It seems obvious to consider outsourcing part or all of the logistics to an external service provider.

Possible advantages: costs can be varied; it is possible to react flexibly to peak times; improved efficiency; space and capital can be cleared for investment; the company can focus on its core business. Regardless of all the plus points, any outsourcing project has to be scrutinised very carefully to ensure it does not bring unwanted side effects in its wake.

A personal decision

agiplan offers companies support in their decision-making process. Together with the company, the current state of logistics is ascertained. A cost-benefit analysis serves as a starting point for future scenarios, based on which future demands can be forecast.

Potential service providers are included in the equation from an early date, together with their cost and services, since the location and capacities of these service providers will influence the decision for or against outsourcing.

Professional implementation of the outsourcing process

Calling for tenders, based on the data which has been ascertained, is a core part of the services offered by agiplan. All logistics processes are listed in detail: dispatch structures, quantity of goods, load factor and peak load factors. After this, agiplan examines and assesses external tenders, and invites selected service providers to showcase their offers to the customer. Not until this point is the decision to "make or buy" finally made.

If the decision is to buy, agiplan supports the company in negotiations with the service provider, provides supports in the transition phase of the outsourcing, and ensures the process is continually improved and optimised.




Dr. Udo Riedesel

Dr. Udo Riedesel

Head of Logistics