Production logistics

Production logistics

Production logistics as part of the logistics chain

In order for production to concentrate on its core task of manufacturing, the supply and delivery chain must be unbroken, scheduled with great precision, and trouble free.

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Dr. Udo Riedesel

Dr. Udo Riedesel Head of Logistics

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3 facts about production logistics

  • Production logistics form part of the logistics chain between sourcing, supply and distribution.
  • Optimised production logistics enable production processes to operate smoothly and ensure the production site receives all the supplies it needs.
  • Production logistics can be improved continually by means of modular projects.

Production logistics thus fit seamlessly into the logistics chain between pre-production sourcing and supply, and post-production distribution.

Essential components of production logistics include the storage, transport and provision of materials, manufacturing resources and equipment, goods and own products.

agiplan has completed projects for various customers in the field of production logistics

The scope of these projects varied greatly, from complete production logistics planning to simply starting up new modules within the existing logistics set up, by optimising these or making them more efficient.

Every production site is unique, manufacturing different products and operating differently. Hence the demands placed on production logistics also differ widely in each case. Any changes must take into account the individual situation and the company in question.

agiplan's production logistics building blocks are ideal here for finding a targeted, customised solution. A methodical requirements analysis and experience with different concepts enable agiplan to handle each project efficiently and individually.

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Dr. Udo Riedesel

Dr. Udo Riedesel

Head of Logistics