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Site relocations for industry, logistics and administration

Relocation planning and management

From subtask to overall responsibility

When relocating a site or moving a factory, planning always begins several months, sometimes even several years in advance. When the lorries and cranes move in to pick up machinery and office equipment, the timing has to be perfect.

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Removal and relocation management by agiplan

  • Overall planning and responsibility for complex relocation projects
  • All project stages from a single source - from concept to SOP
  • Successful project completion on time and on budget, and a seamless start at the new location (business continuity management)
  • Many years of experience from numerous large-scale relocation projects - ranging from an airport (ORAT), to logistics centres, through to entire companies

Site relocations are effective and efficient when they are planned ahead and in detail. A professional partner comes in useful as the necessary expertise is usually lacking in the company; after all, relocations are not part of the day-to-day business.

agiplan specialises in relocations of any kind. We provide support during all stages of a relocation, can jump in at any time and, on request, we will be happy to carry the overall responsibility.

Relocation management as an integral component

The seamless removal is a milestone of every site relocation. An optimal relocation flow ensures that equipment and resources are immediately available and ready for use at the new location. This gives you smooth customer relationships, before and after the site relocation.

In addition to project management standards, we deploy a number of own proven relocation tools. Above all, our clients benefit from our long-standing experience with relocation projects, their specific requirements and our collaboration with service providers, such as removal companies.

On request, we support the conversion of the operating and security systems, the approval procedures and the drafting of contracts.

Company Management - Site relocations for industry, logistics and administration




Dr. Manfred Fellbaum

Dr. Manfred Fellbaum

Senior Consultant