Support for contract logistics service providers

Support for contract logistics service providers

Efficiently handle complex logistics tenders

From specification analysis to successful bid

We support logistics service providers in the evaluation of tenders. We check which tasks match the company's portfolio, where it is worth bidding, and how to be selected.

agiplan’s services at a glance:

  • Analysis of tenders
  • Review of resources, competencies and key figures
  • Development of logistics and IT concepts
  • Technical calculation and preparation of bid documents
  • Implementation support

Logistics service providers are familiar with the situation: the enquiries pile up, bids must be submitted in just a few days and the complexity of the tasks at hand is continually increasing.

As consulting and planning specialist, agiplan is the right partner to support the analysis and processing of tenders.

Using professional tools, agiplan calculates the projects according to customers' specifications and prepares an appropriate bid. This allows service providers to protect their own resources.

Perfect project organisation saves resources and is easier on the nerves

As a logistics specialist with its own team and extensive experience, agiplan plans the entire logistics and IT concept, where required, including all material flows and processes.

These include the definition of procedures for incoming goods, incoming goods inspection, storage areas, packaging and dispatch. Based on the defined processes and the design of the warehousing activities, an optimal block layout and a target area programme is developed.

When calculating the services, we consult cross-industry benchmarks and standard values. On request, we also support presentations and bid negotiations.

When it comes to the actual implementation, we work closely with the customer to devise a schedule and action plan for the realisation. We thus guarantee perfect project organisation and professional communication.

Industrial Consulting - Support for contract logistics service providers